Reroll Normal Gear With Minor Shards


This seems like it would be great to both make gear drops less RNG dependent while leveling and take dram out of the economy (in the form of shards used to reroll armor rather than sold).


by normal gear do you mean blues? i agree that rerolling should require the rarity shard of the item. (minor for greens, major for rare, glimmering for purple, etc).

i dont know anyone who would actually reroll greens though.


I absolutely would have when leveling up to get the sweet +XP bonuses.


So…I totally thought this was already working and it wasn’t, there was a minor bug. I will fix that in the next patch, but yeah any item with an affix should be able to be re-rolled using a shard of the same rarity as that piece of gear. /sigh


Is the description updated? I don’t remember it being mentioned in there.


Just curious, are blues supposed to drop in the overworld at all? Because they dont at all


No, only dungeons.

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