Rerolling and drop rates update suggestions

I’m usually a fan of grinding for items or gear in games but orbus is the exception, years of grinding to get single pieces of loot, months of rolling to get a desired set of affixes is something I’ve never encountered in other games except for the occasional “super” item.

My suggestions are as follows:

Make rerolling a fixed table by removing previously rolled affixes for both weapons and armor until all possible combinations have been rolled which then would reset at that point (nothing like getting unbending treasure master 5 out of 10 times🤢)

Uncap raid gear/weapons so there is more than one chance a week to get gear but, keep the tokens limited to once a week to keep it even

Add a mercy system that increases drop rate by a small percentage after each attempt at a legendary(non overworld legendaries only) which then resets to normal on drop

Add a token system for legendary weapons that requires an appropriate amount of tokens in order to get a legendary both for raids and shards.

I don’t want anything to be too easy hence trying to balance my suggestions evenly. I just think the system is outdated and frustrating at best.

All criticism and suggestions are welcome, have a great day!


Oh my gosh please, this would be amazing


That sounds pretty fair, I 2nd this
I mean, the other suggestions are great too, but this one would make a great difference in lowering frustration to me.


I am not sure if that would be a good solution. If someone accidentally re-rolls their weapon, they’d have to go through all the affix combinations that are left before they even get the chance at their previous combination again.

The imo best and easiest solution to the rerolling problem would probably be to add a new type of shard that gives you the option to choose the affixes you want. I believe it has been suggested before too - you could trade like 25 or 30 effervescent shards or so at the shard vendor to get a “perfect shard” (which is already an unused/unobtainable item in game, and could be used for that). That way players can try their luck with the normal effervescent shards, but it would give them the option to grind a ton of shards to remove the randomness too.

Edit: I just thought of something - if an item like this gets added, instead of or in addition to being traded for Effervescents, it could also be sold by an NPC for a ton of Dram (like, close to cap). That would take a lot of money out of the economy by targeting those that have a ton of Dram already, and hopefully combat the inflation that’s been going on (*cough* effervescents for 125k *cough*)


How about when re-rolling affixes using effervescent shards some way to hold one of the two affixes so for example you could keep ‘bleed’ and just have the second affix change on each roll? This still leaves the whole process expensive but the player would not have to see a desired affix paired with a less desirable one go as they rolled in persuit of perfection and have to settle for worse affixes rather than using too many shards.


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