Reset balance on rolling dungeon type for higher level shards

It was mentioned in the recent dev visit to Highsteppe that the RNG for what dungeon you get when a higher level dungeon shard is rolled was weighted towards the two newest dungeons (cove and plateau). Now that they’ve been out a while can that be reset to evenly favor all the dungeons?


That would be great as I have not heard that anyone who gets a dungeon shard is pleased to get a cove or plateau shard, ofen saying ‘that can go’.

I just checked this and the shard level doesn’t affect your chances of rolling a chaos dungeon more or less. The only thing that happens is that it doesn’t ever give you Cove and Fatigued together.
With that said, I could see about adding something to preference older dungeons for higher level shards


As long as the preference is even across all the dungeons that’s fair (possibly an unpopular opinion lol).

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Any chance of getting airship 15 added into the mix?