[RESOLVED] Unable to access SteamVR dashboard on Oculus

This has been resolved. Thank you guys!
Here is the solution: Cannot access SteamVr menu when using Oculus Rift
I have continued the conversation there.

Am I missing something or have you made it impossible to access the SteamVR dashboard when using the Oculus touch controllers? The right controller menu button brings up Oculus Home and the left controller menu button brings up the in-game menu? I would like to be able to launch the SteamVR dashboard so that I can access my desktop from within VR to do things like change music, respond to steam messages, etc. Where is the setting to turn off the override for the left controller menu button? More and more games seem to be doing this and I don’t understand the benefit of overriding that button… I can already access the in-game menu with the B button, Y button, or by swiping; do we really need 4 ways to do the same thing? What is the design goal for this, or was it just an oversight?

I have the same problem. Also my VR overlay (OVRdrop) doesn’t work. I hope this gets fixed.

Riley answered this a few days ago

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