Rested XP, group break time, Fire!

We mentioned it before just thought I’d make a new thread for this type of thing.

What do you guys think about gaining rested xp while in your home? gives you double xp out in the world until you run out of rested.

What do you guys think of building fires to gather around? it can give a buff to people nearby who hang out for a little bit. Maybe it can give some rested xp too

I think we’re in need some some mechanic that forces us or makes it beneficial for us to take a breather. All i know is i hear a lot of heavy breathing from warriors and archers :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the idea of group fires. Not sure about rested xp. It’s actually pretty fast to level so it may not be needed. Heavy breathing just means we’re doing our jobs!


It would be cool to be able to sit around a campfire while other group members go AFK…I mean nap with their eyes open.


I really like the campfire idea. More socializing is nice. I don’t think we need the XP boost and I also think it would be annoying to always go back home before goin out leveling with a group

Usually these things don’t go over super well. Seems like a pretty bad idea to force people into stuff like this.


I feel you on that. maybe just a cosmetic fire then :slight_smile:

Rested xp would be nice. I always did like that in WoW.

Maybe the game shouldn’t get more features which ground you to the environment or your character or other players. What do you guys think the direction could be? I like ideas of making survival type features in certain areas, making it a constant fight against the environment while you adventure and grind. And i do like ideas that make more social opportunities disguised as necessary mechanics, like a campfire keeping you warm, or maybe you can craft over it in the world. I like having to go home before you log out, for immersion. Just anything that makes it feel more like a real world with a thousand things to keep in mind and different options to choose from as you plan your days adventure(s). But i also played WoW so i know i don’t want to be sitting around waiting doing useless crap for no reason until i can do fun mechanics and get phat loot. So i understand that line of play completely. do you guys think there is a middle ground? or would you want to see it go one way or another?

I posted the other day about how neat player built campfires would be. Imagine when you place it, it sets up a see-through model of the logs that you have to place into the correct spots, like the idea for the toy maker profession a little 3d puzzle, Light it and your off to the races.

I like the campfire idea, but maybe not with rested xp, instead you will get a nice group buff for the next 30min or max 60min. It can be a random buff like +attack, +defence or maybe +loot and +XP.

Also we kinda already do this as we all stand around light spells haha

what do you mean by light spells

The runemage has a light spell. You can check it out on the wiki.

With the latests patch we also added in some more of the missing rune pillars (light spell was one of them) that are out in the world waiting to be found. You can then use your Journal to make a rubbing of the rune for later use. They look like the Pillars in Tiinys cave (changed color of rune pillars to be different from TP pillars)

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This is great! I really like how u can explore to find out about more spells. I really wish the other classes would have similar systems to gain new abilities

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Of note, all Runemages have the capacity to cast all spells right away, the pillars just help introduce them.


Yeah, I know, but it still makes exploring as a runemage worthwhile :slight_smile:

that autocorrect though

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it would be awesome to be able to sit around a campfire and sing campfire songs but i don’t think we need the XP boost.
Idea 1
But how about a damage boost for being rested or mabby for rune mags a quick spell slot that can be charged at a camp fire/house at so if you ever need to cast a spell but you cant draw one you got one ready but its a one time use so its not op.
Idea 2
or mabby make fires a item only usable in dungeons no bonus but instead its a mobile crafting station so when your in the dungeons you can make a health potion and mabby use it as a safe point in the future dungeons that allow you to exit and enter based on how much wood was in it and were your last fire was (EX 10 wood = 1 hour or 10 sticks = 10 min also timer freezes when every one associated with the fire logs off meaning the hole party the fire also hast to be in a “safe zone”) this way it allows for bigger and tougher challenges that can open up new possibility like a run down dungeon town with side quests to help the town but powers up the strength of the final boss and increase the loot drop rates for better gear or just gives you more items in general that way the dungeon can take hours or days to complete as well as have a direct effect upon them.

i’m down for any type of campfire. imagine if they gave us instruments to play, a set of bongos a flute and a harp or some other easy nontechnical instruments

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