Returning player from OG Orbus: some questions/comments early on

Orbus one one of the few VR games i sunk a lot of hours into. I didnt get super far, but i had fun and enjoyed the old school style. I know things have changed and i have some questions and comment.

Q1: I logged back in on my 11 MSK (i thought i was higher…) and now my gear is too high level (gun is 12, some 14 gear) so what happened there? did i lose levels or did gear scale up? This has basically forced me to play a lower level class (which is fine) but its an annoying issue.

C1: Tried Shaman…it’s not good. The orb tossing/shooting is overly difficult, my belt gets in my way (so i grab them vs the orbs) and overall its like a poor mans mage. I was expecting ti to be more mixed with support honestly, like the often are in MMOs, but its one of the worst classes ive tried. I think you guys should seriously reconsider overhauling it.

Q2: Movement hasnt been great for me, im still trying to figure it out. I used to be able to move my body with one analog stick and the view with another, but it doesnt work from what ive tried (im now on a Rift S). Is there a setting or something im missing or need to change?

C2: It took me WAY too long to figure out how to exit the town, i would have never guessed to go through the blue wall (still not sure if that actually the way yet). I think it should be a big door or archway thats very obvious in the town center to head outside.

C3: With the game being scaled and loosing that sense of progression in ways (owning early game mobs, not being agroed by them, being able to save peoples butts because youre so much stronger now) You really need another reason besides gear/the occasional talent tree. I was not a fan of getting everything right away to being with and think it would be good to either add in new skills to earn every few levels-ish or slowly dish out the ones you have so you feel like youre getting something to work to and feel more powerful.

C3: The tutorial is really barely there and felt better done in the OG game. On guy should teach you the few basics and then you head into town or at least do better at making the tutorial stuff obvious, even if it means forcing you to stay in small area to do the basic stuff.

I’m not really sold on Reborn right now. The new classes are a very mixed bag (Paladin feels like thor and not like a paladin/magi+healing tank, Shaman is very dull and pointless mess and bard feels way too involved for a heal/buff class) I’m still not a fan of the scaling the overworld at all and Im already missing the smaller starter city that was HS. Is this just the city everyone sticks to from here on out? Do we not progress to that big city that was in the OG game? Im gonna keep giving it a shot, but with how empty its been feeling and not loving some of the changes, i dont know if i will stick to it tbh. Trust me, i want to, especially with it being one of the only real VR MMOs and i enjoyed the OG game enough.

Im not completely convinced i like this new “Reborn” but i hope they realize some thing new to change/be improved and they get on them asap. We all wantthis game to do well and want a long term VRMMORPG to play, but this has a ways to go and IMHO took some steps back as they tried to reboot it. Sorry if it feels rant-y, but i had to get stuff off my chest.


You probably just got some gear that was above your level from killing higher level mobs

All you have to do is click the grip button and release it immediately. The game will launch the orb from your hand this way. As for grabbing stuff on the belt, I think they go away if you equip the mask by clicking the grip button behind your head (or you can go in general settings and re position where the totems are located).

If you check your locomotion settings you can change some of those around and see what works for you.

If by blue wall you mean those big blue walls that are next to you when you first spawn in, those are more a suggestion than something that is actually keeping you in. They will go away after you complete the tutorial mission.

Shaman is a DPS, not a heal/buff class


I mostly second this post. What I would be willing to pay to play OG orbus again!
I am a shamman in this game though and I find it to be one of the best for me. Because of my poor computer, I can’t do mage since it’s too jittery to cast. But Shaman, if you drop them all in one spot, play while sitting, you can just lazily flick your hand to make them go to the boss without any throwing whatsoever. Then when you throw in the tileset’s, it’s one of the strongest classes in the game. Only a really good mage can put a shaman to shame.
Otherwise, I wish all the good stuff about Reborn would have instead been created in the OG Orbus. No one would have known the difference.

Anyway, welcome back and let’s still try to have fun in dungeons/raids!

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You can use higher level gear and it’ll function as whatever level you are. You don’t have to play a different class.

It’s actually the highest DPS class outside of a select few mages. You can relocate where your gear is using Relocation Anchors so it doesn’t get in the way.

Left Strafe, Right Turn. Should be in Locomotion Settings.

That’s only there at the beginning of you starting the game. Once you get past the mini-tutorial, it goes away.

Level scaling is only up to 4 levels above you, or 6 levels below you. You still get the sense of progression. You won’t be One-Shotting everything with Arcane Explosion like we used to with Redtails, but you can EASILY murder most things in the game at level 30. Especially around Highsteppe. It takes very little effort to kill anything.

The tutorial isn’t the best, no. It’s steps ahead of where it used to be, but the devs are always looking for feedback. I like the idea of an instanced area like Preborn had.

It’s not a Magi+Healing tank. It’s a more heavily armored tank that’s more focused on taking hits and redistributing the damage than soaking on a shield.

You’re not playing it right, then. It’s a very high output DPS that’s about positioning.

Too involved? You’re…you’re supposed to be involved. And each instrument has its own pattern. It doesn’t take much time to get in the muscle memory. I don’t even look at the notes anymore and I swap out with multiple different instrument setups.

Guild City is now a raid. You can go to it, but expect high level enemies and difficult bosses.

The devs are constantly working on and improving the game. Preborn was Early Access, and the devs were very open about the fact that the game was going to change. We now get seasonal events, upcoming DLC, and a new raid coming soon.

Regardless of the disagreements, welcome back to Orbus, and I hope you enjoy the game from here on out :slight_smile: I wouldn’t get too caught up in the “BrInG bAcK oLd OrBuS” train because it’s old, it’s not happening, and it’s annoying as all get out. Plus, it gets threads locked lol


+++1 … Why on earth are people not getting that an outdated software was taken down along with the old game, everything would’ve needed to be done from scratch. A hell lot of games were shutdown on me or had updates I did not like. If I don’t like it, I move on, that simple! I post on forums, yea, perhaps one single time and then MOVE ON to a game I like. I don’t play something I don’t like. I don’t haunt their forums and whine for months or such. This is really an Orbus special lol.
And due to nostalgics - most not playing anyway!! - we got for example two OG bosses back whose mechanics are barely fitting to some new classes, the world is currently full of scog-trolls, devs go out of their way already to bring this and that back and ask for suggestions and what not, but yep, nostalgics ignore that, it is like a dull broken record or a 5y old bring it back bring it back bring it back and never stopping whatever they do… so pointless and actually the best way to stop them bringing anything back since it’s not appreciated anyways.
Windows XP will not come back and the OG, as a whole, won’t either what is so hard to get about it? Also let’s say someone amongst us is a billionaire, pays a full staff rebuilding the whole OG on a newer unity version AND maintain it? Yea, both those games would die quickly because with current player count you can not draw half of playerbase to the OG and there’s really enough who’d say no thanks because they like reborn. There’s a ton of things in here which OG player were wishing for, all the time and I had 1k hours in the OG, farming every single day, and it was wayyy more empty than Reborn ever was, many of those who now “want it back” were barely active back then!!! Yea I liked it too, but I also like to see something new already.

PS: Oh and ty Indiana and Sift for spending more time to answer all this than some who spend more time on posts than spent in the game… a phenomenon I never get. I post alot, but never on my very first week of playing something, since it’s pretty clear I likely did not figure even all basic things.


Reborn is kinda confusing at first, beleive me, during the betas I got lost more times than you can know my friend.

The game will grow on you, get to max level and give it some time


There are some legit criticisms here though that could benefit the current game. For example, many Shaman right-hand talents (totemic teleport, summon orb) seem like they should be core class mechanics rather than talents.


Trust me I think I’m one of the biggest “bring old school back” supporters but listen to me when I say this… ITS POINTLESS.

I shoot for them bringing iconic places back like Lakewood inn considering that’s where majority of playerbase ended their old school journey. There’s even a YouTube video covering the last few hours before shut down including the Lakewood inn Meet up. Riley, Damage and other Devs gathered there as well.

I’d like to see places like lamavora Hot Springs and Mountain Resort come back as well. Imagine being on top of the mountain in Reborn Lamavora it’s going to be pretty up there for us who has good rendering (everyone but quest users)

I’d like to see Sanyael and the Desert region come back as well as chudkatet for climbing it without knowing the pattern was so much fun.

Point is don’t try to get it back as a whole. Find what aspect you love most and fight for its return. Literally I’ve had multiple threads get locked bc I wanted to fight for the return of OG as a whole.

Also you’re expectations have to be realistic too, anything they bring back won’t be exact. There will be differences, like Dovengrubben looks different but fighting him is all the same.


Yea, I’m all for bringing old stuff forward if it adds to the game. I don’t know why we all can’t find middle ground and look to a new perspective. Old content is not old if used in a creative way. Hell, new players wouldn’t even know old from new anyway x3 I wouldn’t. To new players, it’s all new content. And if it helps enhance the game, I say go for it.

But fighting over it will not go anywhere, that and the devs are probably not going to like listening to pointless back and forths.


I think that’s what I’m going for. There seem to be too many people on edge here or in super defense mode. There are things I liked about the old version and stuff I like about the new. There just happen to be things I think worked better or could better in general for the game regardless of which version. Just because I liked the old version and I’m not sold on the new one DOES NOT mean I want the old game back 100% and will throw a fit if its not.


That’s where it has been suggested before that both games, merged together, would be the ultimate best compromise. I would definitely agree there!

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