Rift S Audio Skipping Issue

I play on Rift S. Bought the game on the Oculus Store. My specs are as follows:
R5 3600
B450 Tomahawk
16 GB RAM @ 3600 MHz

Basically the game audio skips every few seconds and a consistent rate. The audio cuts out for a moment and a small tick can be heard. I started the game last night and I had absolutely no issues. I logged in today excited to continue grinding and this incredibly annoying and frustrating skipping + ticking was constant. The login menu is fine. The audio issue only comes up once I choose a character. I already tried tweaking my settings and I reinstalled the game. Neither of these fixes worked. I have looked through all the other forum posts on the issue. It seems to be exclusive to the Rift S (but it only affects OrbusVR: Reborn) and it doesn’t seem to be a very common issue. I’d like to work with whoever I need to in order to get this issue resolved for myself and others.

I been having this issue of late as well. Sometimes the skipping turns into a single really loud persistent sound and I have to restart the game to make it stop. There has been kind of a lot of frame skipping and out right freezing of the game over the last couple weeks. It is new for me, I never had any real issue with stutters and fails before the last couple weeks.

There has also been a lot of weird stuff like casting spells that neither cast nor fail, frequent disconnects, sudden loss of ability to hear others or be heard by others, inventory and mission logs becoming inaccessible, belt items not switching, armor not loading etc etc…

I thought it was my internet, but I upgraded my modem and all my internet and display cables and the problem persists…

My guess is that the servers are unstable due to the playerbase growing and that it’ll all get worked out before long. Everything used to work flawlessly, I am sure it will again soon.

I purchased thru Steam. I play on Index mostly, but I have the same problem with my reverb…

I definitely experience the issue more when I am in a busy area.

R9 5950x
RTX 3090
64 GB DDR4-3600 ram
CL Sound Blaster Audigy FX [PCIE]
DL: 115.8 mbps / UL: 13.6 mbps / Latency: 12ms near coast server / 27 ms far coast server

I am having the same problem with the audio skipping.

You might want to include your system info here (Quest/Index/Vive/etc.) and if PCVR, your PC setup. I haven’t seen many complaints about this, so I’d definitely make sure to send in-game bug reports too - there may be some info in your logs that could help the devs :upside_down_face:

Hi, in the past we were unable to reproduce this issue, but what we do know is it’s related to the Rift S headphones, as switching to another audio device like different headphones or speakers seems to fix it (are you able to confirm?)

This is the first time we hear that the game initially worked without the issue when you started playing though. By any chance, does it happen if you create a new character and try to play on that one?

Yeah so the issue strangely only actually occurs half the time I log in. I have tried creating new characters but it makes no difference. I’ve tried switching the way I connect to servers but once again it has no effect. It never happens in the main menu, always after logging in. Sometimes I log in and the skipping with the ticking sound in the background is present, other times it runs perfectly. I’ve tried messing with graphics settings and my location and internet as well but it hasn’t helped. Maybe PC temps or runtime are related since it’s usually on my second or third login or after my PC has been running for a few hours already, but sometimes closing the game for a while and then coming back fixes the issue, just not restarting and immediately trying again. I’m usually excellent at troubleshooting (I worked for geek squad at one point and I’ve been on PC for years solving my own issues) but the trouble with this one is it seems sporadic and random. I can’t reproduce it because I can’t figure out what causes it. It just comes and goes.

unfortunately I think your issue is actually entirely different than mine. I never have a persistent sound and I haven’t had any other bugs or performance issues like the ones you described. I’d recommend making a different forum post on your issues since your fix(es) will probably be entirely different from mine.

Also I hadn’t tried a different audio device but I will look into that when I play later this week. Been super busy with work recently so I haven’t been able to get on and try again - sorry about that. I am probably selling my Rift S soon and picking up a Quest 2 so I will do anything I can to help find a fix for the issue before then so at least others can fix it without getting a new headset entirely lol.

Could be…tho it seems to have improved…I just was having that audio skipping bad for a couple days and I saw your post and chimed in… judging by Matthieus response tho it is definitely a different issue because I haven’t even owned a Rift since I started playing Orbus.

Also, I do have longer wires from my PC to my headset because sometimes I like to drag them out to my back deck when the weather is nice in the evenings… so it could potentially be my set up… tho I experience no such issues in other games… dunno, but sometimes Orbus works perfectly and other times not so much… but I still play it all the time, lol.

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