Rift strange lag when swapping areas?

Hello! Today I got a rift (had previously been using a friends vive) and I noticed sometimes when swapping areas my frames would start dropping and the tracking on my hands would becomes laggy aswell not sure if this is a rift setup in general thing or specific to this game but it only happens when swapping areas like leaving highsteppe or entering the chefs house, strangely it only happens when the game was open for a while then swapping areas ( or so I’ve noticed) and the only way to fix this is to return to the player house or some other loading screen and pray it stops lagging

any other rift users had something similar with fixes?

For me, I can usually tell when I’m entering another area cause it feels like the world “pauses” for a second, sometimes even to load a bit, but after a moment it’s all just as normal and smooth as before. It only lasts for me a few seconds tops.

Do you know the difference in specs between your computer and your friend’s, or are they exactly the same?

he has a 1080 I have a 970 other than that we are pretty much the same but I do not think it is a computer spec issue as the game runs fine on my actual pc looking at it not with the goggles on

barely anyone knows about it, even though it should become more popular due to larger ram availability- but using a ‘ram drive’ for either storing areas or the whole game would be awesome to use- at least for textures/models (much faster loading, requires more nitpicking and a new controller for that, and player options).

I have a Rift and I’ve noticed that happens a lot. Sometimes it’s for quite a while, and if I move my head around the scene will only render a single square for whatever my field of view was when the loading started.

I have a 1080 ti and 32GB ram. I just assumed this was just something everyone experienced, but if it’s not then I’ll raise my hand and say this happens a lot for me too.

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@Sean_B2 I found that after a bit of testing disabling guardian on oculus makes it better and when it happens swap the graphics settings once or twice and it works again

i assumed it was just area loading. i’m still baffled why a game with mario64 style graphics takes more than a fraction of a second to load

i have a 1080ti, 1800x ryzen, 32gb memory and the game is installed on a samsung 960evo ssd.

You have to consider this is an online persistent world. Its not just graphics that take time to load.

To me it seems like any other online game, it’s syncing me up with other players in the area, like a fraction of a second. I don’t really notice it tbh, I’m on a rift as well. Maybe down to network congestion on your isp at the time?

I only notice it when I use the teleporter, or leave a building to a larger area. The ground/players load first and then the buildings and everything else. It can be a bit jarring.

This happens to me as well. I also assumed everyone experienced it. (Oculus Rift Dash beta, 7700K stock, 1080, 16GB RAM, game on SSD)

I do see people and ground load first when leaving my house as well

This only happens on Rift right now and not on Vive. Our timing with hiding/showing the game world is a little off on Rift when doing “hard transitions” (e.g. leaving/existing your house or a dungeon).

The other time you may see a “lag spike” is when we have to load in the next zone as you approach it. We load in all the buildings, trees, etc. so it causes a brief (usually < 1 second) lag spike right now. I suppose if you are frequently transitioning between zones it could be super annoying, but I don’t think that’s typical. We will keep working on trying to get that down.

If it’s not either of those things that you’re talking about, let me know and we’ll investigate further. Thanks!

but graphics are the part that’s freezing and popping in. a 1080ti could store all the the game files on itself if that were necesary, the bandwidth of an nvme ssd to the pci express graphics card should be phenomenal and the 16 thread cpu should have no issues multitasking.

so area transitions usually halt for a couple seconds, and we get the same terrain and nothing else scene following my face or it fades to black

hard transitions are worse we get fade to black. the world freezing, then the terrain+players. then the buildings snap into view.

funny thing is we can’t record it because it appears a loading screen covers it up on the monitor view. could we just get that loading screen in the interim? a loading screen for 3-5 seconds would be vastly preferential to the world juttering

It is as you described. It isn’t that big of a deal and it is more often the very short (<1 second) lag spike.

Ok so

After updating to the beta to try and fix unity causing ram issues (which it did :smiley: yay no more crashes!)
I think the lag spikes caused by switching areas are a factor of when you have to load new textures usually everything loads correctly and it works but if something loads wrong the system is constantly trying to correct it and causes system lag and this is most likely the reason as swapping graphic quality back and forth fixes it (which causes all graphics to be re-loaded into view) but while this is only happening on rift I think is because of the different ways rift and vive load objects (or handle object errors) and could be as simple as editing a single file or it could require a full overhaul

also dunno what changed between beta and normal besides a unity version changed but I completely stopped getting dxd11.dll caused an access violation crashes which is nice and the lag comes less often

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