Rook, Endgame Fun


Rook is a new endgame PVE fellowship with veteran adult players looking to help new endgame players get better. Our main focus is creating a fun environment while progressing though shard dungeons and raids to get the best gear.

What Type of player we are looking for:
Newer players or veterans welcome
Level 20+, we can help you finish leveling
The ability to run with us 2 days a week or more.
The want to run challenging content and keep a good atmosphere if when things get tough.
The want to learn and get better
The want to help others grow
16 years of age +

What we Offer:
Depending on attendance we will try to run at least 2 to 3 times a week.
Our top goal is to gear up everyone in the fellowship
All members ideas and opinions will be treated equally, no inner circle of officers.
Lots of Jokes, meme, and fun.


What time zone(s) is the fellowship in?

We normally meet up to play at 8pm Eastern US Time.

That’s the small hours for me so unfortunately Took is not an option.