Roomscale Space Corrupted Check


Can we increase the time to disconnect on the room scale corruption check?

Every time I lose tracking or walk out of roomscale to grab a drink I get disconnected immediately.

I want to suggest increasing the check to like 10 seconds so that tracking loss/grabbing something out of roomscale, walking to the computer etc won’t immediately disconnect you depending on the room setup.


What kind of tracking loss is causing it to happen? Headset? Or controllers?



For example, experiencing tilted world can make the headset wildly slide outside of the playspace and the instant it leaves it you are forcebly disconnected even if tracking stabilizes it after a few seconds. Like if someone walks in front of the lighthouse to the HMD, or you grab your HMD to take it off the head and it blocks some sensors. Or lift up the headset and to get some water off a table outside the playspace.


Just a note to help troubleshoot, this may be platform specific. I run an Odyssey and I regularly set my headset a few feet out of bounds for bio and whatnot with no issue. Playing on Win10/WMR 360 roomscale.


Never noticed this happening on Oculus either. Unless this is related to the steam pop up for “headset not ready” somehow kicking you out of Orbus, I’d guess it’s related to the recent fix they did regarding player offset through Vive settings.

Maybe you are getting a false positive, and Orbus is kicking you out for that?


I am using a Vive. As soon as I leave the roomspace for any moment I get the error about roomscale that forces me to relog.


I mean it depends on how large your existing room space is. If you already have a very large space (like say 4 m x 4m or more) then yeah if you get much outside of it, it will trigger the protection. I’m not really sure what we can do about that without making it too easy to bypass.


I was just thinking increase the number of seconds so that lighthouse tilted world issue wouldn’t immediately trigger the check. So instead of 1 second, maybe make it 5 seconds so its still not worth trying to abuse it at all because you can’t accomplish much of anything in that time.


Yeah I will look into adding some sort of grace period once every X minutes or something.


Is it possible to stop tracking beyond a range and throw a pop up message to the player about returning to the center of their play area? I get you are attempting to stop exploits, but forcing a disconnect/logout, seems a bit much to something that appears to be able to throw false positives. (though I’ve never experienced it) Or is that a Vive feature not an Orbus feature?


Interesting. I use an Oculus and I experienced this for the first time after I moved my setup from a small sideroom into my living room. Had no idea what it was. All I do is put my headset down though, and I’ll come back to a disconnect. Could be due to the way my sensors have moved (I have some blackout zones at the moment where tracking gets lost).


Any ETA on implementing this? Its still rather annoying that any sort of tracking loss can trip this check because the HMD might “slide” outside the bounds if say, you put the HMD down for even 1 second.

With my Oculus Ive also started experiencing this as well.


I run a vive too and have the large room scale (12’x12’). I regularly walk several feet out of the play space to type on my laptop (taking over 10 mins at times). On occasion I will go into other rooms with the hmd still resting on my forehead (to get a drink or food).

Not once have I been disconnected. The only thing that happens is Steamvr will say ‘‘headset not tracking’’… and that only takes a second or two to reconnect once in or nearing play space.


It sounds like your setup covers a much wider area so that you don’t lose tracking as easily, along with the fact your roomscale is much larger.

Its very easy for me to reproduce the effect by simply blocking the tracking points on the HMD thus allowing the HMD to “slide away” in some direction which can be 20ft away from the playspace in an instant. This will trigger the room space check. And this can happen when simply setting the HMD down and then walking between tracking devices and the HMD. I shouldn’t have to change my room space because they have a overly aggressive romescale check.


Possibly, wish I knew how to help sry.


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