Rotation Motion Sickness


So when I am not standing in the center of my room, I noticed the “pivot point” of view control is focused around the center of the room, so standing on the edge of the room and rotating your camera actually moves your character in an arc, as if you are orbiting the center of your room.

This has caused quite the motion sickness from time to time and actually caused me to lose balance and fall over once. Why can the camera pivot not just be centered under your character?


hmm… i move around all the time in my room, i’ve never seen this. which setting are you using for rotation?


Think it has to do with boundaries. The devs don’t want us to rotate-walk everywhere threw everything.
You can turn of rotating if it bothers you. It’s optional


Well the fact that you can rotate around your center point of the room actually enables you to exploit some things. Rotating relative to your character won’t. So they actually didn’t think about it probably.


Both teleportation and rotation is fixated to room Center. Belivet me, if it’s a movable point it’s a lot more exploitable.
Possible play area is also limited.

Try recroom. Walk to a corner, rotate your room 180 around, and walk to the other side. Infinite movement when restricted!


Hmm yeah I just realized what happens better. For some reason I had in my head that your boundaries will rotate with you which is b’shit of course haha. I understand that you can walk to places you normally can’t if it rotates around the person. BUT you can already do it with a musket and a warrior, or with code injection so it won’t be a new exploit at-least :stuck_out_tongue:.


This is to prevent a flight and walk through walls really far glitch, they would not fix it as it was an intended mechanic.


Actually no you can’t, walking is only horrizontal and you cannot sword rush to a place with no walkable ground as in you cannot sword rush out of the intended play area. What burnanator is talking about is the fact you would be able to walk so far into say a wilds mountain or to a place unreachable by players while fishing.


Shush now. Sword rush exploring teams are a valuable and not gamebraking mecanic, exclusive for 20 warriors


Next time I will be more specific to not mislead anyone that there is a difference between both methods haha. But they are the same type of exploit resulting in mostly same type of “advantages” (with also differences)


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