Rouge class idea

Well this is what i get for not being active, I come on and find out that I missed a test. Well i plan to be much more active here on out so i don’t miss the next one or any news. Well besides that i have an idea for a type of stealth class that can be used for both pvp and pve. The rouge(probably would have a more creative name) would have a dagger in the main hand and have a kinda “shadow glove” in the other. The dagger would be used as the basic melee attack which would work kinda like the warrior’s sword, except it would probably deal extra damage based on how fast you swing, and the “glove” would be used for the more complex spells. The basic skill would be “Shadow Cloak” and would be triggered when the headset gets lowered to a certain level, so you’d be crouching in real life to sneak in game. how it would work is that while you are cloaked, enemy wouldn’t aggro on to you, but a “stealth meter” would go down if the monster is looking in your general direction. The rate the meter would go down would be scaled to your level compared to the level of the monster. So lets say your level 7 and the monster is level 30, so the meter would go down relatively fast. now lets say your also level 30, and the bar would go down much slower. you would also move at a much slower pace then if you were normally standing. You would also have to be “Shadow cloaked” to be able to use most of your skills. The first skill using “shadow cloak” would be “shadow ambush” which would be triggered by attacking something while cloaked for extra damage, and also giving a debuff, and the extra damage dealt would probably be scaled to how much stealth is left in the meter. Another skill, but not one that uses shadow cloak, would be shadow arrow, which is used with your “glove” and what it does is that it makes a “shadow crossbow” in your glove hand and fires a shadow arrow, and it would probably deal extra damage if you are cloaked. Another skill would be “shadow dash” where you do a dash to wherever your pointing with your glove, and it would be a kinda opposite of the warrior’s teleport skill, where instead of drawing the aggro of all the enemies nearby, it would make you lose aggro if a mob is aggroed onto you, so if your in a group and you accidentally take aggro, you can dash out of there and the mob would aggro onto the nearest player, but if your alone you would have to dash far enough away, or the mob would just keep coming after you. The ultimate skill would be “shadow field” where it creates a circle of shadow around you and while your in it, you gain extra damage and your dagger gets a kinda shadow flame aura, your shadow arrow recharges much faster and enemies inside the circle get a debuff that slows them down and makes them attack slower, and deal less damage. It could also make other skills recharge faster or something like that if you decide to do something like this idea, and it would be triggered by holding both triggers and pushing down towards the floor with your glove hand.The skill triggers could be something like the rune mage where you draw dark runes with your gloved finger instead of a wand, or i could be something different. I put “probably” in my sentences for this suggestion, because if you guys do decided to do this, i don’t want to be doing your job for you. One thing i love about this game is that you guys take the generic mmo classes, and you make them into something totally unique, and almost every mmo has a rouge or assassin class in it, and we can’t have a generic rouge class so i wanted to try my best to make a cool unique take on a rouge that would be fun to play and work with the style of the game. If you do decide to try to make something like this class, all i have to say is work your magic and make your own twists how you see fit, like i said, i don’t want to be doing your job for you. Thank you for reading (and/or considering) this class idea and i cannot wait for the next test (this time i won’t miss it)(still kinda depressed about that) and just keep doing what your doing.


I think this is an excellent idea. Give me a bow or some sneaky skills and a sword in any game and I am well away :smiley: The idea of a melee weapon and a glove that you use to focus your abilities is brilliant.

I think it would also be fantastic that (now PVP is very rapidly approaching) a level of transparency can come in effect based on level, range and of course how much you are moving around. Crouch and stay still and relatively blend seamlessly into the background. Start hoping around and find that you are far more visible.

I would take out the crossbow idea for something like a thrown weapon, promote the difficulties of mastering range when you need to be sneaking. The Archery role should have that ability to get the strike advantage over range, id be concerned about rogues being out of combat range firing crossbow bolts from shadowcloak with bonus and landing crippling hits a little too easily.
However make it a thrown weapon like a dagger or shuriken, and then there’s an extra level of precision required aaaand the time taken to make the shot, also you’ll need to get closer to the target, meaning you’re making use of the shadow cloak more so.

It definitely has the possibility of being an epic sneak role… and a way for other players to complain about back pain from crouching around too much :wink: