Rune Casting Issue

First, thanks to those that help me get my wand last night. Really appreciated.

I like the Rune Mage quite a bit…some questions/issues:

  1. Is the chance of success augmented at all by the level of the caster? Or can a lvl 1 with know-how outcast a struggling lvl 12 by drawing runes better? One of the things I have really liked about the play style is that I am really not sure if I’m drawing better or the game has made it easier for me to succeed…when I started out at lvl1 I would literally fizzle fireball 10 times in a row or more, now (I still fizzle) but much much less.

  2. I think there is something buggy in the rune casting system. I’m watching plenty of streams and reading the wiki…I’m not sure why but there are a few spells that I really can’t cast. The two that are giving me so much trouble that I am questioning if it is a bug are the polymorph and the teleport starter.

With the teleport starter I am now able to get it but I am not drawing a rune that looks anything at all like the wiki. I am basically drawing a W-shape and cutting it near the top with a horizontal line (this was suggested to me by several players, who basically told me not to even use the wiki symbol for it). Sometimes, when i do this I get the resurrection starter (the yellow wisp lights). However, I just watched a stream and noticed the player there get it by drawing the EXACT wiki rune on his first try. I realize it is possible that I am just badly coordinated, but I swear to you that I have tried that shape at least 300 hundred times today (I wish I had a log to tell you exactly how many—I did this non stop for over an hour several times today) and never, not ONCE got the teleport to trigger. I mean, I should have at least gotten a few out of the ones I did by dumb luck considering the amount I attempted. I can not see any difference between what I am doing and what the gent in the stream I just watched did…very very close.

Anyways, I’m wondering if there could be a bug of some kind. I’m using an occulus and playing from the seated position. I did notice that when I full extend my arm and lock my elbow I tend to get a higher success rate on my spells. I have been thinking that this has to do with the distance the wand is from my character as I draw the runes (locking the elbow makes it easier to prevent drifting away or towards me as I draw).

As for polymorph, it seems from the wiki that it ought to be relatively easy (compared to some of the others which I am casting with high success rates)…but no dice. I’ve managed to nail it about 3 times in all the practice I’ve done and (again from the streams) I can’t discern what it is that I’m doing wrong. Proportions, angles, start and stop points, I’ve tried copy-catting it all, and still no dice. I am wondering if I am somehow bugged or my setup somehow makes it harder.

So much fun so far…thanks for any suggestions on my casting woes or setup.

Hi John,

The rune mage uses X,Y and Z planes to cast.

Think of the cast in a three dimensional plane rather than a 2D object.

Once you manage to wrap your head around this, orienting your linework seems to be much easier.

I can consistently cast the most troublesome spells, whereas I used to struggle.

My advise is draw them about the size of your in-game head, not too large but not too small.

Focusing on locking your arm really does help get more consistent casts, and straight lines.

Looking at where the lines stop and start is also a large factor.

Overall the biggest thing for me is conceptualizing the 3D space, after that I found it was much easier for my arms to follow my brain.

I hope this helps,


(Also I don’t believe “level” plays a factor, I think it’s more “skill” through practice) :slight_smile:

Yes, I know what you mean…I wouldn’t be concerned about a possible bug if it were only two of the runes that are giving me TONS more issues than any of the others so far. The polymorph one in particular…it is simple unless there is a trick I’m missing. I’m totally mimicking the wiki and what folks are doing in their streams.

Also, what about the W trick for casting teleport? Is this supposed to be this way. If so is there a list of other drawing tricks? The issue just might be the wiki.

seeing runemages in town actually practicing spells is the funniest thing in this game.

I can cast polymorph close to 90%of the time. It just takes a little practice. If you can record yourself, we can certainly tell you what you are doing wrong.

Yah, to be clear… I know the spell works for other folks :yum:

My concern is that there is something on my setup that might be making it harder. I really don’t much about VR, but I’ve been wondering if I might have less float on the Z axis if I unplug one of my oculus sensors?

I did notice when I tried to do the teleport starter I’m getting resurrection as well. I only managed to get teleport twice out of 8 times, the other 6 times it was the other spell.

So even when you can see the pictures of the spells, that doesn’t mean you know when you are drawing them right. I am quite sure you learned yourself to draw the polymorph/teleport wrong (probably wrong in the Z direction that you can’t see), And now you can’t draw it right, no matter how much you try. I have the same problem with the Light spell and Fireworks.

I also had the problem with polymorph, but when someone told me to start concentrating on beginning and ending the diagonal lines exactly on the horizontal lines, it magically worked. But I think that just enabled me to draw slow enough to draw the lines straight instead of curved :stuck_out_tongue:

Size of the run also can change the game alot. Try drawing the rune smaller. This can help you get rid of the wrong way of drawing. Or draw the lines first that you normally never draw first.

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The most important aspect of the spells seem to be:

1: Their relationship in a 3D space

2: How straight the lines are

3: The lines connect with precise angles

4: The proportions

A good thing is to check the wiki and follow the designs really slowly and closely.

To be honest, either intentionally or as an emerging game play of whatever code is checking the drawn rune for accuracy there are much much easier/faster ways to cast some spells than following the wiki. Best example I’ve found so far is that you can cast frostbolt in one fast motion by drawing a P (starting at the bottom and making the loop at the top) in a single flick. The W-cross starter for teleport is another example.

The problem I have with Z-axis check is that if the code is written to check the ruin on the Z-axis your job is really to fight against your hand drifting closer or farther away from you as you draw (the locked elbow trick). This is OK, and could be especially cool and difficult if they ever create a spell that requires you to actually draw in the Z plane. If my setup or settings (using oculus touch with two sensors) makes my Z more sensitive than another system/setup than that seems like a problem. Perhaps someone who has multiple systems can help to test this out? I wonder if sitting vs. standing also makes a difference here. The seated position may have more Z-Axis drift than standing does (is my thought anyways).

What I’m really interested in is issues with the system settings/hardware that could make the casting easier or harder and for the “tricks” that folks have discovered.

I actually like the system A LOT…standing around with other mages tonight at the test dummy and practicing spells, giving each other tips, sharing tricks and combos, etc…it is pretty cool. I’m down for that…I just want to rule out a system/settings issue.

So if you really think it is your system, how can that be if you have way less problems with the other spells? The Polymorph isn’t the strictest spell in the Z axis. The fact that you are able to draw most other spells, says for me that it is not your setup.

Or do I not understand something here? Else keep trying, and put on your mage hat of determination :slight_smile:

I agree with you, but I don’t know what the code is that is checking the accuracy of the spells. So, I’m throwing possible solutions out to the experience I am having.

The polymorph spell, just going by the rune shape, doesn’t any different from the rest. In fact, just based on its appearance, it is one of the simpler runes. Nonetheless, I have heard lots of folks in game also having trouble with it for some reason. There are some spells that I haven’t heard anyone say they are struggling with at all…seems to be the same ones, and they aren’t always the most difficult looking runes.

As for the determination, I’m with you…I spent most of today just practicing runes. Part of my frustration is that I was able to get all the others working pretty reliably except polymorph. What’s different about it? I don’t know :yum:

The beta test is coming to an end for me (I can’t play tomorrow) so I’m just sharing my thoughts as a new player (I didn’t play Alpha)…so its not like I can keep practicing it. I’m tempted to log in right now actually and try again, but I’m leaving on a plane in an hour!

BTW, my arm really hurts from the last two days. Maybe I played too much…but it was a ton of fun. I wish there weren’t such a wait till the next test period.

The polymorph rune has more points to stop and start drawing than most others. Meaning more places to get the Z axis off and to get proportions wrong. It looks simple but it’s not mechanically simple to draw.

It is the only rune where you have to draw 4 individual times. So you got a point there Kai!

+1 To “mechanically complex spells”

Draw a few and before casting, walk around them in the 3D space and see where your lines are off :slight_smile:

Tier 2 and tier 3 versions of spells are 3d. Drawn using the z axis. 1 hidden tier 2 spell is currently ingame and only a couple people have mastered it

Just wanted to pop in here and say that I always enjoy seeing people talking about the Runemage system, haha.

In response to one of your original questions, it is indeed only based on skill, your Runemage level only affects how much damage the spell does, it has nothing to do with your success rate in casting it. So you are actually getting better at casting as you play the class more (which is great to hear!)

I think the key to the Polymorph spell is really two things:

  1. Make your “X” fairly “wide”. A lot of people tend to draw it like you would draw a letter X, and it should be, proprotionally, much wider than that. It should be like a “squat” X.

  2. There should be a small gap at the tops and bottoms of the veritcal bars. So your X should hit it about 90% of the wa up, not connect at the top of the point.

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Any tips for better success rate with arcane explosion? I can cast all spells with about a 90 to 100% accuracy (and quickly to boot) but Arcane Explosion I get about 5% of the time. There must be a trick to it I don’t know!

Thanks for the tips and info.

I really like the system so far. It feels organic enough that I wasn’t certain if my increase in succes rates was due to in game skill values and/or just drawing better irl…I think that’s a really good sign.

What I also really LOVE about it is that it creates an in game reason to hangout and chat with your fellow mages…teaching each other tricks and combos etc. There was a pretty fun circle blasting the newbie yard dummy the other night.

Really looking forward to the next round of closed beta.

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