Rune casting recognition - after playing in a zone for a while

I find my rune recognition is excellent until I’ve been in a zone for a while or start getting minor lag then it won’t recognize the rune as easily anymore . Particularly with the frost bolt and fire bolt spells . Finding polymorph to be even more finacky then beta now . And finding that the system is recognizing the light spell when I try to cast the F ( frost bolt ) about 10% of the time . In my mind they are too close and a light spell can really throw you off when you’re needing that last rune to hit .

Also wondering if we can be ( rune ) given a function to launch a spell straight on . As when I have a frost bolt mid air towards a target and cast another ( even if I try to make It small ) it moves the bolt around and sometimes off target when trying to launch multiple in succession . ( this last part is more of a suggestion than a bug ) .

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You are not alone with this. Something like this was reported yesterday on discord too (if I remember correctly). I myself did also experience this.

Hi, sorry about the issues. Would it be possible for you to record some gameplay we can look at? Maybe some early after you log on when everything works for you and then a minute or two of it later on when you feel like you can’t get the same spells off anymore?

We’re not sure what could cause that issue but maybe we can figure something out.

I too have problems with the level 2 frost bolt! After being in the game for maybe 30 minutes to an hour the spells automatically fails back to back and kept thinking it was something to do with my computer. They told me to send in a video but since EA started my game has been severely lagging, an choppy. My spells would get messed up by the sudden lag multiple times that I can’t show them.

Not Sure if this is exactly it but after 2 hours of play you can see the first fight goes well every spell works the second fight i might as well have not even tried nothing was casting.

I also have issues with the lvl 2 frost bolt. I seem to be drawing the exact same thing and sometimes I will get the spell and other times I will not. I have been using frostbolt pretty much exclusively for 3 hours because I was determined to have it perfect and reliable so I could combo with ice lance. When I first learned the rune, it was easy and however after time it seems to have gotten harder. I dont think I’m terrible at drawing runes either because I can get others pretty easily, even the arcane missiles which a lot of people are having difficulty with.
Polymorph is the same although I have not cast it nearly as much. Also I do not know whats up with lvl 1 frostbolt with the M but ive never cast that successfully despite being apparently easy

Those t2 fireballs look almost nothing like they should at the end haha I was surprised several of the spells actually went through at the beginning. Make sure your lines are straight and proportions are correct. It’s hard to not get sloppy after a few hours

The problem is that the spell works just fine then after 30 minutes the spell completely fails to recognize for me. I have already made a post about this @Morgan_R @Devincean @Riley_D after all the patches and releases the spells have gotten much worse for me and I have multiple witnesses of what happens after a period of time to the point I can’t do any other spell except arcane ray, even though at the beginning I showed people I could do most spells with little effort.

Can you take a video?

I not very tech savvy lol I guess I can try once I get on.

OBS is a really easy to use program that a lot of people use for streaming and recording. It is free as well. Helps see with cases like @Devincean that the quality of the spell being drawn is indeed going down so the system is working as intended.

(Preface, all of the following is just in my experience. It’s possible there is some type of issue such as a memory leak in something someone is running, which is slowly compromising your system’s ability to run smoothly, which can impact casting)

I know it can feel like you are casting things perfectly and the system is just not registering them properly but having played with the runemage casting system for the last year, I can say that it’s almost definitely us when that happens. When you cast something perfectly or close to perfectly, you get an extra audio and visual cue letting you know… once you get to the point where you can reliably get that “perfect” noise, it’s easier to notice over time that you stop getting it as often as you get tired and your lines get slightly sloppier, and it helps let you know to course correct back to doing so.

I understand what you’re saying but this is much more deeper!

Buuut I mean it might not be :stuck_out_tongue: you haven’t played 1/10 as much runemage as we have

I was here since open alpha how can you say that?? You have no right to say just because you have been playing abit longer than someone else doesn’t make an expert probably more an asshole but that’s about it. Please stop acting like you know something and move on and let the devs deal with it. None of these problems were happening when I was first started playing. The first thing I had become was runemage, The only reason I came to play this game was because of the runemage.

I have to agree with draven and smooch. The fatigue Will mess up your spell.

A way to see this easy is to cast the spell but dont shoot. Walk around it. I can almost guarantie you that it Will be arched, Since your arm is probably stuck to your Shoulder.

Try this when fresh and then after 2h grinding.

Also the proportion after 2h grind might be horible…

Casting many spells in succession is an art that requires you to draw small and fast. And to counter drawing angles with the wand. At the same time keeping tension in the arm and wrist to a minimum to present fatigue

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Time out. There’s no need for things to get personal. We are at a standstill though, because all we have is your impressions and the impressions of other people arguing the other direction as well.

We’ve done more testing on that mechanic than probably any other mechanic of the game.

Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on, perhaps with your PC that causes it, but the bottom line is we are sorry, but we really need a video to be able to tell. If you use an Nvidia card you can use Shadowplay to easily record your gameplay, it comes with the geforce experience software that you likely have, if not then check out something like OBS as was suggested above.

I’m going to close the thread for now, but once you have a video (you can just upload it to youtube) PM me the link and we will look at it and see if there’s anything off with it, and if there is, we’ll fix it ASAP.

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I totally understand in a 2 hour frame but not in a 30 minute frame where half the time I am not even casting spells. It’s just having the game on for 30 minutes and things go down hill, as with recent patches I not only can do frostbolt, I can’t do lvl 3 firebolt, affliction, icelance. I can only literally do arcane ray and lvl 1-2 firebolt.