Rune mage, casting while in a party is way more difficult?

I would like to hear other mages about this, but to me it seems that while in a party something makes casting harder…

I was playing alone, farming, hitting pretty much all my spells, while having to kite monsters by myself. and I partied up with a musketeer, he was taking the aggro, so not much pressure on me, but i couldn’t cast the ice lance at all, even doing it very very slowly… and most other spells, like the fireball 2, which i very very rarely miss, were 50-50…

Is it something i m imagining ? or other runemages have encountered the same thing ?

We usually are coordinated with tank in the middle, ranger to the far back left of him and me far back right of him… that way the enemy are not moving around

i might not have been clear enough, it’s not about line of sight or actually hitting enemies, i was talking about casting succes rate :D.

Ohh i see :slight_smile: maby its the added stress? To be honest i am as consistent in my casting both solo and in party.

Note: If you play on high grafix playing in a full party with lots of effects and mobs around you might get lag?


as i said, there was a lot less stress involve being in a party than soloing, it’s not the first time i encounter that.

You have a good point, i have been thinking for while that latency was a factor, but it could be performance… i will try playing on lower presets, and see if it changes anything! thanks !

i’d be suggesting framerate as well. solo you’d be pulling less mobs and have less on screen characters. we don’t know how the recognition system works but i’d be surprised it it wasn’t essentially a join the dot type process. slowly making a straight line is deceptively less effective in that scenario. the line itself would have more vertices between two points because it saw you move a pointer at 90fps between two points. if that stroke took you 1 second the physics system might have created 90 ticks. that line might be completely crooked. a faster stroke would have less vertices and more space between each one.

or . . . - . . - . . -

both of those have the same information sample time just the distance between them increased. the second example appears more straight because the peaks and valleys are more acute. going slower may not actually make the results better in this system. who knows how reprojections and latency spikes will impact the accuracy

I read somewhere that frame drops affecting runes and developers being working on that. I myself dropping graphics to low in group and see no difference in casts.


i think there is something else… because i have a 1070, an I7 6700K and 16gm of ram @3200mhz, i can play on high setting with minimal reprojection, and no impact on casting when i m alone.

But even on low setting in a party, i can’t cast anything… i just tried playing for 30 minutes in a party of 2, and before i was in the party i was having a particularly good day casting wise, i was very rarely missing… (something lile 9 of 10 affliction lvl2 9or 10 of 10 ice lance) but as soon as we got in the party, i was like 1 for 15 affliction 2, 1 for 10 ice lance… it s crazy, it’s night and day difference for me…

I noticed something interesting (while in a party), affliction lvl2 was a success when i was drawing the diamond, with roundy edge, alsmot looking like a circle…

Another interesting thing (still in a party), the polymorph, had a much higher succes rate while drawing a bowtie, compared to when soloing

I think there is something going on there… i was playing with another mage, he even had trouble casting Frost 2, and said something like “i usualy never miss that one”

Is there some synch between players causing latency, or something else changing the way networking behave while in a party ? (i m from france, so my ping must be pretty bad…)

Try casting runes with your arm stretched out, else you have 3-dimensionals errors.

try recording your casting when in party. Record your fps as well. The frame drop you may not notice when in the game, I noticed it on game screen taking my headset out. It should be 90fps.
If the fps stable, submit your recording to developers. I will include recording of same casting when solo to show that there are no changes in your drawings.
I play from NZ and latency mostly causing delays in casting but not spell recognition for me.

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i m pretty sure frame drops have been ruled out, as on low presets it doesn’t help… i m pretty sure it’s all about latency… i suspect that having more people in the same area create some more latency…

It’s driving me nuts, because at this time, with 100 people+, i can’t play… half my spell, even perfectly cast (i know because i take a lot more time than usual to cast it) are not recognized… i am missing half of the frsotbolt Lvl2… one of the easiest spell in the game…

So there are two things:

  1. Network latency does not affect spell recognition. Graphical lag can affect it, but as I said in a post on here a few weeks ago, it should be obvious if it’s happening (i.e. you’re seeing lines go all weird in places they shouldn’t be going). That said, if it’s only happening when there are 100 people around then it’s probably graphical lag not network lag. Network lag would lead to things like the spell itself not firing right away when you hit the cast button, but it wouldn’t affect your actual recognition.

  2. I actually wonder if people tend to cast their spells worse when they go slow and try to be more precise. Like, you start getting incorrect casts, and so you slow way down and do it differently than you normally do, and I wonder if that in and of itself causes issues. If that makes sense.

Anyway, as someone else suggested you can pull up the SteamVR frame timings and see if you are getting lots of late starts or other frame rate issues.


This seems to happen to me when a mob spawns or dies while drawing. I’ve tried a little bit to change graphic settings, but in my short test I didn’t notice a difference. (Oculus Rift, default SS, Intel i7-7700k stock, Nvidia 1080, game on SSD, OS on separate SSD)

It used to be more frustrating, but after playing Runemage for a while I am better able to recover after a missed spell. However, I would love to know if I am the only one this is happening to and if anyone has found a way to mitigate it. (Disclaimer: I haven’t played since early last week due to holidays, so I can’t say for sure if it is still an issue until later this week.)

Right okay exactly, that is a CPU spike which is happening right now that is on our bug list, but that’s a great example. If your CPU spikes and you get a big graphical stutter, it would affect the drawing in an obvious way like what you’re describing.

That “game skips when something dies” bug is on my list to fix and that will fix the issue for you as well.


thanks for your input.

if we only care about facts it is as follow:

-Soloing, when there is no that many people playing (i m usually alone in the are) i cast Frostbolt 2 99% of the time, affliction 2 90%+, affliction 1 95%+, polymorph 30%, ice lance 95%+

-In a party, i cast Frosbolt2 25%+, affliction 2 10%, , affliction 1 40%, polymorph 80%, ice lance 5%

-Soloing with other in the area like now, same as in a party.

In every cases i practiced, even stopped, and look around my drawing to see if there were some mistakes 3D wise, but sometimes even spells that look perfect didn’t trigger.

Honestly there is something going on, i don’t know what, the difference is night and day, between when i was playing just 5 minutes ago, and in the morning roughly 10hours ago…

Edit: btw nothing is looking out of the ordinary, no line glitch or stuff like that…

Okay, well that’s definitely interesting. If you could record a quick video of you casting it while not in a party, and then casting while in a party, that would be super helpful so we can see what’s going on. As far as I know there shouldn’t be anything other than graphical lag which I already stated which would affect it, but I’m more than willing to take a look and see.

hmmm I did notice something like that but I was thinking that it is more like my mentality (it might still be). It used to be more of a problem when I could not perfectly cast a spell but I was more borderline with it, it did seem like my success rate plummets in a group, however I did not have such a thing for like 4 days (tho i have mostly been soloing). Sorry this is not a very helpful comment.

i will try, but can’t promise anything ^^

i put together a video, it’s not as bas a in a party, but there were a few people around, and around 100 on the server. I try to show everything of my 35 minutes game session, to show how frustrating it can be…

Gotta practice those shapes man, that upwards arrow needs some work.