Rune (totem?) Bug

I believe I ran into a bug with one of the rune totems. Whatever they are called. Its the one by the spiders and skogtrolls. I interacted with it before I did the runecasting quest to get the class. Well after getting the class I can’t get the rune rubbing on it for my journal. The stone just acts dead. I am able to get other rubbings that I have found, but not the one I had interacted with before. Hopefully this gets fixed, I want that rune!

This is a teleport pillar, they are different colors and it is a spot you teleport to by spell ritual. They can’t be added to the journal. I think they are going to make them look more distinguishable from the others soon.

Ahh! After I posted I started wondering if it wasn’t. A different look would be good, but I am just glad I am not missing out on a rune :smiley: Thanks for the reply

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