Runemage and casting spells

After having played as a warrior through all betas I decided to try out the runemage and it is really fun to play! However I have a an issue that potentially messes up the casting. When I draw anything a little quicker than extremely slow everything gets “jagged”. Anything that should be round, like the Arcane Ray, is segmented and looks more like an octagon. I don’t know if it messes up the casting or if it is just visually. I can’t remember if it was like this during beta but it is really noticeable now.

Did you check your reprojection percentage? You can do this by installing advanced settings and opening them up. It will show you the reprojection %.
If you play with reprojection your wands are stuttering basically. This will impact the spells you “paint”.

Alternatively try playing with lower graphics settings.

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How do you get to advanced settings? Every time I try to install it, it says that it is already installed. I don’t see an icon for it under the start menu listings either. Been trying ever since I wanted to sit and play but cant find a way to adjust my in game height.

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