Runemage class quest in the new beta (bring it back please)

since you have two instances of the game running I am not sure how to express the difference between the two… old and new, or beta and not beta? anyway in the first instance the mage is not immediately available. and your guide refuses to teach you the class, you have to go find it. This is awesome, I thought that it was a major plus. In current beta, all the classes, including the mage, are immediately available. I actually felt cheated, the quest is gone, boo… please bring it back, in fact stick a few more in for like the paladin and the bard.
If the mage is a social pariah why should the paladin be so common that you can immediately start out as one? Go to church, and do a quest or something. The same with the bard, they seem like a special class, should he really be as common as the town drunk? maybe have a bard trainer wander around town on a set path, it makes sense since music flows and musicians and street performers wander, or maybe a class hall with a “so you want to be a bard… quest”. -imho.


Removing the exclusive Runemage class makes sense, at least theoretically.

Orbus Lore Spoilers

A big point of the original game is that Magic isn’t actually evil, but that the order is suppressing it. In a world after the events of the first game, it makes sense that mages are no longer outcasts.

That being said, I do think having a Tutorial type quest for whatever class you choose would be useful. The mechanics of all the classes aren’t fully explained in the Journal, and there isn’t really an explanation of the classes when you arbitrarily pick one at the start. Having a quest that goes over all of the basic abilities and relevant trainers could make the transition easier. More characters that serve as those kind of guides would also potentially be good for any relevant story, but I would guess it is a bit late for something like that.


Maybe an optional quest you can pick up from the vendor that gives you your classes? Teleport to a room with a combat dummy and provide instructions based on the class. For Runemage, maybe have them cast a few of the basic runes (fire 1 or 2, frost 1 or 2, and pushback?) with a floating model of it in the air so they can see it while they cast?

Or for Runemage I guess you could send them to the fellowship circle and have them cast one of each spell there?

Just a thought. Having some explanation will be very helpful.


I definitely agree. The runemage quest was a major high point of the first game. Even if it was just a simple fetch quest, it still gave some great world building, and made me feel like I was joining a super-secret club. That’s always one of my favorite parts of any RPG.


I agree with this. All the classes in the middle, tho simple, makes it verry messy. Having them spread out like basicly every other mmo makes sense. Maybe add one per questgiver?

Hiding the mageclass in a quest was awesome, and I wouldn’t mind having it on the new classes as well


The other benefit of having to go through a short questline for the Rune Mage was fetching the branch that would be your wand, your wand. It felt special.

And also that you yourself chose to go through that questline to access the class, which you knew is a challenging class to play. It wasn’t mandatory, and you might’ve only known about it by seeing Rune Mages practicing spells in town and asked them “How did you get a wand?”.

It makes sense, lore-wise, now that magic users aren’t vilified. But that doesn’t have to mean the knowledge has to be readily available to all citizens. :wink:


you can get the wand for the runemage weapon guy at the middle of the tree

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