Runemage classes (IDEA)

For a future update there should be different classes of the runemage. We need healing runemages with different types of heal spells, AOE, Healing over time ect. Dark spells, lightning, Ice, Fire ect. Post some of your ideas on classes and give some new spell names!! Let’s have this happen guys!


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I get what you are going for here, but I honestly prefer having a wide variety of my spells at my disposal as a runemage. I’m down with the notion of having special weapon Affixes that boost certain types of spells, so you can specialize as a firemage contextually with gear, but I’d be really sad if I had to pick a narrow runemage subtype that only had a limited set of the spells.


I don’t think there need to be more subclasses for runemage, but I do LOVE the idea of specializing into different elemental spells and healing spells. I do think this is absolutely missing from the game. There seems to be no specializing right now and thats a shame…afterall MMO character development is all about expressing yourself and this can be greatly achieved by customizing like that. I also think this is missing for musketeer. I do love poison damage and would really like to find new orbs that deal “X% more poison damage” or some cape that has “Additional X% poison damage” suffix… stuff like that so we can specialize.

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In my opinion it should be either pick a rune class that specializes in that type of magic, or pick advanced runemage which give you all the spells from the classes but the only down side is that you are only allowed to use certain spells from each class so if you wanted to use an advanced healing AOE spell then you must major as the healer runemage arc.

I feel the subclasses should be for the beginners that are just learning the basics of runemage.

Understandable but there are others that prefer a class that only has to do with certain spells. In my opinion I would either want necromancing or cleric spells. I don’t care for those other spells. Then you have the advanced runemage that prefer a variety.

You know you can just learn to cast one type of spell really well, right? try focusing on just the fire lvl 1 2 3 and do it 80% of the time and you’ll be having fun killing stuff. and you may find it interested to throw in a quick frost bolt at the beginning, idk. Point is, a REAL mage isn’t held back by alignment to an element, they are held back by knowledge and experience of magic and it’s use in battle. just do what you want with the spells you like, honestly, people will praise you for it. it’s a hard concept at first but then you realize there’s an insane amount of freedom in this game. and not freedom to choose options provided for you. you don’t have that luxury, this game says ‘Welcome, you’re a blank slate and you know nothing of this world, go become a Hero!’. If i was a mage I would practice arcane explosion, arcane ray, and whatever the other ones are, and all the teleportation and buff spells. but mostly the arcane damage spells.


The problems with arcane is all the spells are very weak and none of them are mentally to be high damaging spells like fire… And there arent enough spells for each class. Again some of us want to be a healing make which there is nothing. Being a fire mage only gives you fireball… Lvl 1, 2, 3 and they are the aame exact thing but the damage is about different. Same goes for frostbolt… There is literally only 3 classes which is fire frost and arcane. Its nothing you can roleplay much of.

what do you mean roleplay? if they made mages different classes you would still all be drawing but different spells come out, seems the same to me. Maybe the different tiers of spells need different effects instead of just increased damage. idk. and i wasn’t suggesting arcane for others in just saying i think they look the coolest so i’d focus on them just for the identity of my char and my play style. anyway arcane beam is probably op in pvp

The arcane spells are great because they actually have different effects compared to the others that look exactly the same.

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The idea of specialising is definitely cool, and is also pretty common in RPGs (for good reason). I think for Orbus, it makes sense for specialisation to be more about which spells you cast and which “rotations” you use, and then you can have gear or items that enhance your particular playstyle. So for example a mage specialising in frost spells would get bonuses on those spells from certain items, but would not be in any way prevented from using fire spells or arcane spells etc.

This makes it so that the only limiting factor for your spellcasting is still your personal skill and experience, but you are also rewarded for having a particular style.

I think maybe Artificing does something along the lines of what I described here?

Artificing rewards your personal playstyle yes. There will also be talent trees in the future to further customize your character. Sort of build-a-mage workshop haha


I am just hoping there are more spells along the way to work with so you can play as a certain mage.

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I definitely agree there should be more spells. I don’t think there should be any artificial restrictions on which spells you can cast, though.

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