Runemage Consistancy

Still a little new here so maybe I missed a thread about this already.

I heard people say that Runemage is fun but really not consistent unless you are VERY skilled at the class.
In order to help consistency, I had an idea that may or may not be helpful.

What about if after you cast a spell from memory correctly, it leaves an after image of that spell on the screen for you to cast again. If you can trace the afterimage then you get that spell again no matter what.

For instance: you cast fireball before a pull to have it ready. You shoot it, and there is now a faint outline of the fireball spell in the air in front of you. Now all you have to do to keep casting fireball is trace that outline rather then try (and fail) to cast it again.

This way you can have a few spell casters who can guarantee some more consistent DPS and the complicated part comes when they try to cast a different rune. It’s still hard the first time, but after that it’s not so bad

Just a thought!

There are rune pillars scattered throughout the world that you can use to add a rubbing to your journal. You should then be able to trace the rubbing from your journal to produce the desired spell. I believe you could open your journal and set it up to the correct page before entering combat and see if you could trace the spells quickly enough from the page to produce something similar to what you’re suggesting.

I would recommend just practicing on the target dummy in town for a while until you’re comfortable in your ability to reproduce the desired spell without needing to trace it. There are also several other posts on the forums with tips and tricks for experienced runemages. For one such post check here: Finding spells hard to create

I feel like this might help for learning how to draw the runes, but still does not address the consistency issue.
Not to mention that you can’t even trace the rune directly out of your book and it works.

I know runemage is good for people that spend a TON of time practicing. That is neat because it opens up that skill level that people are proud of. But at the same time it’s a little TOO difficult at the moment.

They could easily save that higher difficulty for the higher level spells and let the level 1’s be easier to cast / be more consistent.

Perhaps this comes down to a difference in expectations. Here is a link to one of the earliest examples of the kind of time expected to attain certain levels of runemage “skill mastery”


I’ve got a few hundred hours of runemage playtime and I am not quite there yet… one day! (Mostly that I don’t have some of the T2s/T3’s at 80%+ yet)

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