Runemage: Fireworks Spell Seemingly Impossible To Cast

Okay now before we start with the issue I would like to mention two things:

  1. I’ve been playing Rune Mage up to Lvl 5 and have had no issues with any of the other spells accept this one.
  2. I do know that the recognition system is dependant on consistent inputs to get the right output.

Okay now we can move on to the main issue, the fireworks spell. I have been trying to cast it all day to no avail and no matter how slowly and carefully I try to mark out the symbol on the wiki it will not cast.
Could this be a recognition bug or is the spell on the wiki maybe wrong?

Personally, I can cast fireworks 35% of the time. Just like most other spells it just takes practice and learning.

The key to the fireworks spell is to make sure that you have a “slope” on the top, and then make sure your “stem” through the middle doesn’t go past the bottom of hte two legs of the “roof”.

It’s tricky, but definitely do-able.
What helped me get the hang of it was going slow (slower than I cast Fireball in combat…) and starting with the bottom-right, going up, then angled upward to the left, then down. Then drawing the horizontal line left to right. Then the middle downward line. And making the shape wide really helped me too.
(Personally I can’t get Arcane Ray. Got it once and never again.)

Here’s a shot of 4 fireworks being launched into the sky at once tonight, as several of us were playing with it and helping each other get the hang of it. Cheers!

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I have about a .5% success rate on firework. I know it works because when I draw it correctly I can tell it will work. I’m just a bad mage in general though Haha

So I have played atleast 50+ hours of runemage and the only spell I never could cast was firework. I practiced it alot!!! But then someone showed me to start from the right bottom instead of the left bottom, and boom got it first try!!! Just saying you probably need to find your way. In the end it is all about the proportions and keeping the drawing as flat as possible :slight_smile:. Also drawing the rune a bit smaller makes you keep the rune flat. I still can do it only 30% of the times thou.

First off thank you so much for the advice and clearing up it’s not impossible. I have noticed that some spells (Like arcane ray for example) work better when drawn smaller and from certain starting points as it helps make the lines smoother and thus easier for the system to recognise. However I think that for such a cosmetic spell the recognition rate should be higher. I mean combat spells sure I can understand it being hard and needing a lot of practice to pull off some of the more complex ones (Like Arcane Explosion for example which I still find very hard to cast) but for a spell you just wanna cast to celebrate taking down that really hard boss? I don’t think it’s very fair that it’s this hard to cast in my opinion.

Thanks for showing me it works. Just wanted to make sure cause of how many times I tried that it wasn’t a bug in the new version or something cause I remember seeing videos of people playing in closed Alpha where they could cast it pretty easily.

Sure thing! It’s do-able, and last night I was able to get into a groove where I could cast it like 75% of the time, but then I’d get out of that groove and couldn’t do it for 10 attempts straight. (Joking that I had my mojo stolen when someone else suddenly was able to cast it every try then!)

But that was like my experience Sat night after getting the wand for the first time – that Fireball rune I could only do like 10% of the time (1 in 10 attempts sound about right, sometimes it was worse) whereas the Frostball spell was easy-peasy and Affliction was 50/50. Sunday when I returned I found I could suddenly cast Fireball the opposite odds: 90% of the time successful!
I think, like learning to play a musical instrument, the brain needs to sleep on it and internalize the new paradigm it has learned. I can appreciate this type of gameplay, because it means I personally leveled up. =)

But… I still couldn’t cast Arcane Ray. I took a screenshot the one time I did, just to remind myself it’s possible. :wink:

I think your question is pretty much answered, but I feel like this is relevant enough to post. Image credit to Dead Bard who posted it on discord.

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Also background info: That is a photo were around 10+ people wanted to launch the firework spell at the same time after the world boss fight as a celebration. And like half of it exploded against each other on the first meter up. :smile:


And here you can see the second attempt with more space and less crashes, but the danger of the boss spawning on all of us: Clipped from xer0status’ stream.


I had a crash right after the first attempt and didn’t witness the second. Thnx :slight_smile:

For anybody that missed the boss-fight there is also the video on demand of the stream: (the bossfights start at around 3 hours in). There are also some examples of working and non-working fireworks spell casts in there.

Looking at the tail end of that clip, I think, is a really good example of how the system works. There’s a couple attempts where the person tries to draw the rune and makes the “top part” waaay too big. And then at the end the proportions are in line with how they should be and it works.

Funny… never had an issue with fireworks… arcane explosion however… almost never can pull it off!

i know this is a bit late but i found drawing the firework spell small worked sooo much better! i mean like i could get it 80% of the time!

That was me! Haha. Krast here. Yeah, we definitely were getting into a groove with the Fireworks spell that night. I found I was having the most luck drawing it in “reverse”, going from right to left, then drawing the middle “T” part as normal.

I have to say, that last hour or so where we were goofing around with those other two mages was some of the most fun I had the whole weekend. Maybe just because we finally “mastered” Fireworks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi! Yeah that was so much fun at the end of Sunday night. It was a great reason just to hang out! =)