Runemage rate error idea

I think that the rate of error when you design the runes must be increase with your runemage level, so when you get lvl 20, you will can cast over 80% your spells.

Its no sense that a runemage lvl 20 fail 3-4 times a fireball.

what do you think??

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When you are lvl 20 you should be able to cast most of the spells because you spent a lot of time getting to that lvl.
I think it would be better if the beginners can do more wrong and still have the spell and with each level it gets harder for you to get the spell to work

That would be really tough for riley to implement is my hypothesis as detecting patterns to cast the right spell is a fine balance between accuracy of drawn path and agnosticism. If it is too agnostic users could end up drawing the wrong spells all the time.

It actually happened to me that I was drawing the Icelance but instead of getting it I got someting complete different

But isn’t the current system for weapon usage good already? I mean, it’s the same for all classes. You use your weapon and get used to it more and more. As a ranger I would often miss enemies at first, now, with level 12, my aim has improved a lot just because I got used to the weapon class during all this time. It’s a really natural experience that doesn’t have to rely on any number-crunching that’s going in in the background.


I think every high level runemage in the game right now would be really unsatisfied with this type of thing. Currently it feels really good that the runemage demands consistency from the caster.


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