Runemage spell anchor


I really wish that spells were anchored to the VR playspace instead of the World so it would be possible to cast while moving.

I find it slightly annoying that I just can’t use my choosen locomotion options in combat due to the fact that spells are anchored to the world, so the only way to move is to draw and teleport, and trackpad just isn’t worth using.


I think that is point of being a mage since we hit so hard. A lot of spells can be cast in under a second so I would just work on improving your cast-speed. Just wanding my hand in the air fireball 2 can be done in like .3 - .4 seconds


It isn’t like being forced to stop and cast for a second reduces how much we can move. It just means we only move via teleport. The stamina system already makes it so there is parity between trackpad and teleportion movement systems, to me this is just a player preference thing and less a player power thing.


As long as boss encounters don’t make it such an issue that groups begin leaving mages at home in favor of rangers because our DPS falls too much because of a dodging mechanic, we should be fine.

I don’t mind a spoiled cast because I had to dodge, but I also haven’t done many boss fights yet.

I will say trying to chase that donkey cart and keep blasting wolves many levels ago was annoying. :wink:


This genuinely isn’t as much of an issue as you’ve would think. Even at end game, doing the hardest boss fights in the game, EK members, rangers and mages alike, stand still while attacking because moving and attacking doesn’t do anything. Everybody psuses damage to dodge when they need to, so your fear of mages being left at home in favor of rangers who can shoot and dodge during boss fights is irrelevant.


Glad to hear it’s not a performance issue on bosses. The proposal would let you practice on an airship though. :wink:


True, and the accidental slight movement issue that happens with slide locomotion would also be fixed haha! Sometimes my character just continues to move after I release the trackpad xD


Yea, this is part of the reason I wish it was attached to my playspace. I also just wish I could practice and prep spells while traveling. For example when playing out in the world as a 3 man group we frequently have to roam to find spawns, I wish that while we were roaming I could actually prep that Frostbolt 3, but instead if frequently end up just going for the Frostbolt 2 becuase the rest of my team doesn’t want to wait for me.

Overall this is minor, I just think it would be much more friendly to locomotion if it traveled with me.

Even teleporting you could do part of a spell, port, and then finish it if it was tied to playspace.


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