Runemage spell variety

Frost, ice lance, ice lance, frost… Rinse and repeat. This is the most common attack combo from virtually all mages in the game currently, simply because it is the only active combo in the game. There are certain things that I feel the runemage is lacking, two of which are a use for their left hand, and being able to cast/attack while moving.

I propose that there should be a way to enhance the effects of certain spells, with a cost of time.

Say, for example, you cast frost 1. Taking a spell’s tier number (1, 2, 3), with this case being tier one, and multiply that by a certain number gives you the amount of time it requires to “charge” the casted spell. Charging simply consists of pulling the trigger on your wand hand. This could be done while moving.

Once charged, any charged spell gets transferred to your left hand, and becomes a close range attack that does an enhanced effect. Enhanced frost would freeze a target for the tier number in seconds (tier 1=1 second, tier 2=2 seconds, tier 3=3 seconds), enhanced fire would do fire damage over time like the dragons in the burning forest for 2*tier number (tier 1=2 seconds, tier 2=4 seconds, etc.), dealing damage over time for 3 seconds.

All enhanced spells would be a close range (1-2 meters?) and would come from your left hand simply to make it feel useful.

Here’s a list of each spell using a charge/enhanced effect, along with charge/dot duration.

Spell / Charge time / Effect duration / Effect type

Fireball one/2 seconds/3 seconds/DoT
Fireball two/4 seconds/6 seconds/DoT
Fireball three/6 seconds/9 seconds/DoT

Frost one/2 seconds/1 seconds/Stun: Frozen
Frost two/4 seconds/2 seconds/Stun: Frozen
Frost three/6 seconds/3 seconds/Stun: Frozen

Ice Lance/3 seconds/Instant/Damage: 10% bonus, single target

Affliction one/2-3 seconds/Instant/Damage: 90% of normal DoT damage all at once
Affliction two/4-6 seconds/Instant/Damage: 85% of normal DoT damage all at once

Arcane ray/ 2 seconds/4 seconds/Weakness
Arcane explosion/3 seconds/1.5 seconds/Stun: Confusion, Weakness (Single target: nearest mob, 3 seconds)
Arcane Missle/2 seconds/4 seconds/Weakness of nearest enemy

Decurse/2 seconds/4 seconds/Resistance to first status effect such as poison within duration.

Mana shield/2 seconds/3 seconds/Returns 80% of damage taken to enemy when damaged by a melee attack.

Light/5 seconds/15 seconds/Adds slight health regeneration when allies are within 3 meters.

Polymorph/2 seconds/Instant/Changes the animal polymorph changes enemies into (for fun) :stuck_out_tongue:

If I missed any spells, let me know!

EDIT: Any enhanced spells would cancel out previous spell effects. For example, enhanced frost doesn’t do slowness, only freezing. Enhanced fire doesn’t do lots of initial damage, only damage over time, etc.

As a level 20 mage- most of the spells in the game have their own useful utility in the current state of runecasting. There are only 2 I don’t use on a regular basis. (Plus another I stink at casting)

While it’s an interesting concept you posted I think it’s a little much especially considering balance.


Yeah, I’m just looking for a bit more variety while using what is already in the game. I forgot to mention that any of the enhanced spells would replace the effects of current spells, so for example a fireball spell wouldn’t do the same initial damage as a regular one, but rather it would convert to damage over time. Enhanced frost would replace the slowness/damage increase for ice lance, so on and so forth, so it’s not like everything would just stack up :slight_smile:

It depends on what mobs you are fighting what spells you use right. i mean polymorphing an add so you can slow the other and then fireball it to Death, or like you said single mobs you can just DPS down with above said combo…

Some places there are so many trash mobs you would do best to AOE them or you would die from their sheer numbers.

Polymorph some, Kickback some…

Starting with afliction on many monsters for a secure kill Before they reach you, perhaps on the add while u kill the other for a better Group xp chain time

Variety and flavor will deff come in time. The game is very new and there’s a lot already in it :slight_smile: I can’t wait for new things as well though! so much hype for this game and it’s future


When I solo, especially mobs above my level, I regularly use: Polymorph, Affliction, Fireball, Frost, Knockback, and Ice Lance.

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