Runemage Talent Selfish priority level?

When you can choose the Selfish or Share talent, I’ve heard players say that the Shared talent overrides the Selfish talent. Is this true?

If so, could we have it so that the game prioritizes higher effects over lower effects? Especially when an effect can effectively debuff other players?

I think selfish is prioritized. But we can easily check by casting an arcane explosion. Which is always same number damage spell no matter the accuracy. Otherwise you can also test it with the super. (I can also double check, but not today)

Wouldn’t you need two people in order to test it? I don’t really know anyone to test it with.

I were able to test it with someone else. (NextLevelM)

Shared talent overrides the selfish one. But selfish also overrided the selfish one. The last one who procced is currently active. Situation is okay.

When alot of non mages are in the party, having a shared streak mage in is benefitial.

But in theory, Selfish should always be above shared since it gives a bigger bonus, right?

I think it would be nice if selfish streak would always stay on top.

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