Running away from bandits out of wilds


yeah it was a crappy experience, hence I asked if it was an intended strategy. Feels like If I can run away from a (not yet flagged) bandit they should not be able to reappear in front of me near the entrance by their own will to catch me.


It’s a risky stratigy. All you need to do is get as close to the guards as possible, and your gear is safe (unless he has a companion, then your doomed)


You could have just ran the other way and picked up his loot. I guess I’m not seeing this as a problem. You could of turned and fought as well.

If your goal is to run around in the wilds and pick up resources and if you see anyone you run, you can expect to die a little bit. I recommend you bring a few friends or roll musketeer:). They are OP.


Okay so it appears that no one really answered my question instead you are all just telling me what i should and should not do in this situation.


Well no one can actually answer your question except for the devs. But I understand getting annoyed from everyone that just keeps telling you to do different things and accept it.

But I do think the change is low that the devs thought about this trick, so they might see it as an exploit or think “meh this can stay” about it.


It’s obviously abusing the return to graveyard feature which only purpose is to unstuck you from bugs.

As for an intended strategy, I would say so in regards that someone could suicide into mobs and do the exact things although just not as quickly.


What about making the ‘‘return to graveyard’’ option return you to the nearest town outside the wilds.

But deaths from PVP encounters return you to the wilds graveyard…

Bandit or not he played you, sry, and my idea above might stop this??? Devs???


Obviously it’s not “intended” to be used in this exact way to kill people, is that a the real question you want answered?
But it can be used this way now, and the feature itself is far too useful to be annoyed by the 1 time/month this happened to anyone. Will this be a problem for you in the future? Will you run to him every time if you know this is possible? :wink:


I would say this is correct. The Return to Graveyard feature isn’t really meant for that. We could just modify it so that if you use that in the Wilds, you always get sent back to Jail, I suppose, although I assume then someone will abuse it to fast-travel to Highsteppe :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, that would be fine, obviously.


Cool. Thanks Riley :slight_smile:

Maybe moving the graveyard away from the exit is a good way to go?


Well, the reason the graveyard is there is actually so if someone is a Bandit and killing people, they can’t “trap” you in the Wilds and make you stay there while they kill you over and over again as they would be able to if e.g. you spawned in the middle after dying.


lol, this would be fun. Put the graveyard in the back of the zone then no one leaves:)


Okay so… maybe something else then.


actually, there are several graveyards far enough away from the guards to allow this.

But it would be a d**k move and iv never seen anyone do it out of malice. (But yes, i did test it out)

  • cough…

Sooooo if one voluntarily returns to graveyard, they should be sent to nearest town graveyard. And when one is killed in the wilds, either by pve or pvp, that victim is sent to the wilds graveyard.

This way bandits can’t get to you fast enough, would be bandits can’t trap you and victims have the headstart to retrieve their gear and escape before the bandit returns from town graveyard.

Also this would make it so you aren’t fast traveling to Highsteppe for free, bc you’d only go to nearest town. (Example: voluntary = desert wilds to town ‘‘Cailo Fa Ki’’ … true death desert wilds = wilds graveyard)

Would this not solve it???


If u are a bandit and die it sends u to the jail in HS


I think that probably would. But also yeah bandits should also always be sent to jail if they die.


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