Rupert drawing contest!

Do you love Rupert? Do you doodle and scribble His name on everything at work/school? Would some First Shammy merch enrich your life?

Enter this drawing contest for the chance to win some sweet sweet Rupert merch.

Just upload your Rupert fanart to this thread. Can’t draw? No problem. Photochopped images will be accepted as well.

The winner will receive their fan art on their choice of t shirt, flag, mug, canvas, or stickers. If you like someone else’s design better, that’s okay too.

The winner will be picked based off of the number of likes.

Deadline for contest is March 15th 2020. Good luck.

We love you Rupert :heart:



I mean my profile pic speaks for itself :wink:



Prize update:

The winner of the contest now also has the choice of hoodie (their style, color preference and size) or blanket (fleece, comforter, etc…)

Listen. If Rupert isn’t enough to keep you warm at night, then there’s simply no hope for you.

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Thats too funny.

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I vote for that one

Yup. HotHotPocket nailed it :smile::smile::smile:

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Okay I got bored and made more. (shhhh… nothing in the thread said I couldnt post multiple ruperts)


goodboi pup rupert


It seems I was too busy relishing in Rupert’s greatness to consider multiple contest entries. Whether in human or wolf form, that boi smells amazing.

Contestants can submit multiple entries, however, only their picture with the most likes will be considered. This means they can only win one prize.

Only win one… huh? That’s right, there are runner up prizes up for grabs! So if you don’t place in first, you can still receive a little bit of that Rupert goodness.

I’m not about to get between you and your TFS obsession. So go nuts :slight_smile: and Hail Rupert​:heart:


Is this secretly a ploy to get Rupert art? I don’t mind at all!

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Would it be possible to purchase some Rupert merch once the contest is over? :wink:

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  1. At this time I can neither confirm nor deny whether this is my way of getting tons of Rupert fan art.

  2. I don’t want to get into any trademark/copyright problems so there is no Rupert merch currently up for sale. I can however provide links to all places where I order that sweet sweet Rupert swag. Hopefully the popularity of this game continues to grow and the developers can have some things mass produced.


It’s been a long time since I’ve played Orbus or posted on here but I was told to enter this so… here ya go I guess? Have this nice 3 minute collage lol


Great job everyone! Your drawings… They bring the tears.
This isn’t an entry. Just trying to show human Rupert some love.
Please continue to fight over TFS’s favor.


oooOoo niceu!