Save the Goober!


Please please let the Obnobi Desert Goober be carried over into Reborn. I need this to stay in my life. Even as a hidden Easter egg.



I totally agree the game would be broken without it.


I might cry if we lost our goober lizard! As others are defending the realm, ill be defending these guys!


At the very least, please add the lizards as pets to the cash shop! Almost everyone in my guild would buy one as we would love to give these lizards a good home! Right now the best we can do is give each lizard a lifewell as we go by.


Motion for one of the Defend the Realm memorial paintings/mural/stained glass/mosaic be Malachite and others trying to save the goober lizards, whether defending their position, herding them to safety, running around with a bunch in a helm used like a basket, or whatever ends up happening


Yes please! I’ve been trying to make one but it’s not coming out well. We need them


Add them as an obtainable pet in a “Defend the Goobers” side quest for defend the realm.


Goober was actually the Guild Emblem of And the Crystal Gems if I recall correctly. I hold a deep appreciation for him, even when I couldn’t play.


Please make him a pet!


The almighty Goober was indeed our emblem and discord logo for And The Crystal Gems. Truly a gem of Orbus, I’d be sad to see them go.


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