Schedule for the next Open Beta and beyond


Hello Devs,

I have been talking with alot of people in game that did never player the Reborn expansion, but are really willing to do so.

Do you guys have a roadmap for the next Open Beta?
I’m asking that because announcing only 5 days before it really happens causes most people that really want to play it to miss it.


Edit: From the community replies, here is the schedule:


Edit: Also, there is a confirmed report (by @Rickness_Voidwalker) that there will be another one on the 22nd-24th of Feb. See:


Next beta will start January 11th until 13th, then the devs will announce the dates for the other beta tests.


According to this:

The next beta will be
January 11th - 13th: Test Three


There will be another one on the 22nd-24th of Feb after the one in Jan as well


Tks guys, good to know :-).


And the betas usually start about noon US CST that first day and end about 10pm US CST the final day.


How and where do you get the beta client?


Links have been posted numerous times, here is one:

But since there will likely be a more current client anyway and this one is not doing anything before the server is live (it will auto-update though if you download it) you can also wait for the latest version to be announced, which will be before the next testing starts.


The information was posted October 4th and linked a bunch of times everywhere since then. It’s really just that people like you aren’t willing to spend 2 seconds typing “reborn schedule” into a search bar :joy:


You see, before I opened this thread such information was available inside threads with other subjects. After this thread, anyone that is searching such information will see it as a 2º result in the search results.

Just think about it.



Of course, the milestone we knew many were excited about consists of a world boss event where you will take on one of the dreaded Dev Team as they take on the role of a World boss where the Guardians can once again band together to defeat them. We can confirm this will occur during an OrbusVR: Reborn beta session that will take place starting February 22nd (lasting a weekend, as did the previous ones).


I’m actually rather amazed at this schedule. Every single test has been on a weekend where I have Drill with the National Guard. Stellar.