School is in! Elysium Class Event!

Welcome to the School of Elysium.

On May 16th we will have various classes all around Highsteppe. Below is some info, rules and the class schedule!

Please join the voice channel of the class of your choice. We will have the same classes all day so you can attend different ones. All players will be muted in voice so as to not interrupt the instructor.

There will be a question section at the end of each class. Instructors will have voice turned off in game and in Discord until said time. Your instructor will turn on in-game voice and take questions then.

We ask you don’t cast spells, shoot weapons etc. during class, this way it doesn’t distract our instructors.
Instructors will be posting information in their respective chat channel, you can save this information if you’d like.
This server will be taken down a couple weeks after the event. All information will be moved to the Elysium Discord, feel free to join us there!

Here is a link to the events Discord.

You can join early and take a look at the schedule for the classes!

Here is a list of your instructors:

Bard: Mishka
Musketeer: Traffic Cone
Paladin: DaHamm and loganator
Ranger: Arkaic
Runemage: buckyboi, Mebg and zenzerker
Scoundrel: Tallia
Shaman: SirSchmoopy
Warrior: Richleth

Feel free to ask questions if you have them!


I think you all are super amazing for hosting this!


I want to thank everyone for making this event an amazing experience for everyone. A big thanks to all our instructors who took the time out of their lives to plan their classes and spend all day with everyone. I also want to thank the devs for making Orbus and bringing us all together. And an even bigger thanks to all of you for making this happen! We hope to see you all at our next event!


what was the zoom link?

Sorry I had to bail 2 hours early, had a banging headache so needed to go lay down :sob: had a great time teaching ranger with Arkaic though!

It was on discord

i was kidding