Scoundrel Complete Guide!


For anyone confused by the mechanics of the class, just starting, or just want to know how to curve bullets effectively and check out the nitty gritty details under the mechanics, check out my newest video!
I’ve put hours into testing, and I feel this video fully showcases the class in it’s entirety.


It’s a good guide and all but these types of posts are just self promoting. A well written and thought out post about really helping people goes a lot farther on a forum then you trying to inflate your YouTube channel.


No offence my dude but a complete Scoundrel guide at level 15? Yikes.


You misunderstand. I am on many forums, and speak to the Devs in many instances for information on classes, trying to help the community. I’m a small channel that wants to help people.
I’m tired of going into dungeons and seeing people spamming their bullets the entire game doing no dps. I renamed the guide with “beginners” in the name, and explained in the description that it was not for end game content. I also post edits to the description each time I learn something new. It is a very hard class for most people to pick up efficiently and understand so I spent 4-5 hours testing, calculating, and clipping the video just to give people some quality info.
I have absolutely no intention of inflating my channel in any other way, otherwise I would just take advantage of the algorithm and be famous in days.


I think you did a good job on the video. It’s often hard to explain things in text only so the visuals helped considerably. I main scoundrel and went from 1-30 twice with shards up through t8. I’m no master, but I feel your guide will help beginners get better. So thanks for taking the time to make the guide :+1:


Thank you! I more than likely will do a beginners guide for each class in the future, but since I’m always switching classes to learn, the guides won’t ever cover end game. If you have any tips for the Scoundrel please message me :slight_smile:


Hey Logan, how about a warrior guide? :wink:


Hah outdated by a couple years and I don’t tank anymore. Waaay better candidates :stuck_out_tongue: but good joke lol


I’ve been back at it for about a week and a half but I still haven’t figured out how charged strike works :slight_smile:

Once you make provoke spam your life though, your arm never forgets.


Like charging a combo? Finish a combo then hold the sword out of your vision for a second and it’ll glow to show it’s charged. Welcome back btw!