Scoundrel deck freezes frequently zoning, or after death in pvp battle grounds

The most reliable was in battlegrounds, it froze constantly yesterday requiring weapon swaps to unfreeze.


We are putting in some logs in the next patch to help track this down, thanks.

I’m going to piggy back off this thread: in addition to the deck freezes it seems the card of ice still doesn’t slow. Can you look at that one again please?

@Logan The devs have been requesting for ppl to send their logs in the second this is happening. As you might read in the last post they added extra logs to find the problem. But so far I don’t think ppl sended their logs yet when the cards break. When that happens to you again can you send the log to Riley plz? :sweat_smile:

Edit: I just notice your main point is the ice card :man_facepalming: But still if you get that bug, send the log to them the second you can :upside_down_face:

I’ll be finishing off leveling my scoundrel today so I’ll send logs once it happens

Haha yeah I was concerned about the ice card, not the deck freeze. I know they’re trying to fix that one asap. Just wanted to piggy back off this thread instead of making a new post, necroing an old Scoundrel feedback thread or cluttering up the patch notes thread

Sent 3 output logs now

Another one sent, almost level 30 now so won’t be getting many more

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Okay thanks for those!

Level 30 now so probably won’t be doing much on scoundrel until others are maxed

don’t worry I already sended 12 logs and am not close to 30 yet XD

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