Scoundrel super bug? Lower dps boost

I should have reported this a long time ago, but I know that when you are using the scoundrel super, an unranked bullet will be boosted by 25%. Which is a whole number and makes sense. But when the enemy already has a rank on it, you will get a damage boost of ~14.542281684%. Sounds like it is unintentionally lowering the damage boost in % because it first calculates the boost and then the rank damage but both from the unboosted number.

So lets say damage is 100. Rank is boosting your damage by around ~71.897%. So 25 / 171.897 = 14.54…% dps boost. Makes the super even weaker then it already was. The scoundrel super charges as slow as the ranger super but its boost is not even close to the ranger super. But this would make it a bit better (still not comparable) if you just get a plain 25% boost instead. :sweat_smile: