Sculptor/object design

Will there be in the future a working class like constructing unique and individual design, in objects that can be sold and used as furniture for homes? (For ex: having a sculpting knife, to carve thru a gathered piece of wood, small animals or a statue for ex)
Some players could even have the chance to create a shrine (only 1 in each area) that grants some buffs (skyrim style) ?
Will it be possible to create something like that?

id love for ore to be scattered so we can do mining and black smithing to make weapons Armour and tools.

Yup, if you go back and look through devblog posts and stuff there will definitely be something like this in the future- just not at release. We missed having custom furniture at launch as a kickstarter goal.

I think Riley actually talked about possibly doing that in the future. It’s in the interview he did with MasterGaming VR. It’s a long interview but worth watching imo.


hell yeah im planning on working hard deep in them mines