Seated Gameplay

Can this game be played in the seated position?

There is no options in setting for seated/standing. But yes, all content can be played seated, some classes are actually easier when played sitting


Thank You!!!

I would say this game should be played the most comfortable way to you. Some players play it seated, some others play it standing.
I have a hard time when trying to play seated, as the turning option cause me dizziness and I gotta stand for turning IRL. So, try both and see what works better for you!

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I play seated 99% of the time, sometimes during a dungeon or raid if things are getting intense I’ll stand up so I have a wide area to work in. I’ve accidently hit the wall and end table a few times too many.
I feel like this game is very player friendly. I’ve met several who have range of motion issues or other health issues who are able to comfortably play Orbus compared to other games.


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