Selfie Bot is a thing?

When using the Quest standalone, where are the selfie pics stored? I checked my permissions and OrbusVR has access to internal storage. I can find videos and pics that I’ve taken but not selfies.

Oculus quest selfie bot pictures can be located here once plugged into a PC:

This PC\Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.orbusvr.OrbusVR\files\screenshots


Thanks! Found them, but that’s a lot of work for pics that look worse than a kindergarten class photo. Everyone looking in 25 different directions (sigh)


Yah… did they ever fix so anyone other then the owner can see the exsact location of the selfie bot?

No, that never got fixed, it’s still terrible

We found for large group photos was photoshop was needed. 1 person takes it, then they swap in after the first photo and then you combine.