Separate spellbook for runemages

Instead of having the runes in the journal, where you have to flip past them to see the map/recipes/notes, how about putting them in a separate, smaller book that appears in the trap/horn/turret slot when you have a wand equipped. It would be nice to have more symbols per page too, but mostly the separate book would be nice.

Unrelated idea for a spell book, instead of being an instruction book, mages could have two pages to store pre-cast spells, similar to the spell scroll idea in a different thread but only for runemages to use.


I think one book for everything is ok. I don’t want to start having to juggle different books for different content sections (spells, maps, recipes, warrior combos, quests, etc.).

It would be nice to have some sort of tab or book mark for each of the different sections. For example, you could have tabs at the top or up the side of the journal which you touch to flip to the relevant section.

That said, it’s not really a problem when you only have a few pages in the journal and by the time you fill out the journal to make leafing through the pages painful, you’ll most likely have completed all of the quests and memorized the spells, recipes, etc.


I wholeheartly agree to both of you.
Booksmarks would be awesome, I am getting annoyed swtiching back and forth between map, spells, recepies and quest.

I would also welcome an extra book for runemages as we only have the wand so far and nothing else.

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Some sort of tab system is on the way, just not in yet.


it would give the runemage a side item.

I think the journal needs an index at the beginning. That way you can touch the page you want and it opens to it. I hate the constant page turning. Also and option you can choose to have it open to the index every time or the last page you opened to. Every page should have a spot you can touch to return to the index.

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Tabs are a better overall solution, though I still think it would make a cool side item for mages.

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I agree it should all be in the same book, but we definitely need a way to switch between ‘chapters’ quickly.

While the book idea is good, how about a low power dagger in the chest slot that we can use when the mob is in melee range. I don’t know about you, but I get flustered sometimes when the mob has just a sliver of health and so do I. A dagger/Athame would be useful and still in line with magic users.

I like both the offhand spell book and the dagger/ athame ideas. I think it’s just how empty my offhand feels on runemage compared to the shield, or the turret, or juggling arrows/trap/looting hand with the other classes.
A spellbook or fetish could be used to add an additional effect to your spells. Perhaps a slow, stun chance, increased damage, increased range, projectile speed, or graphical changes to color or projectile size. Lots of options for customization.
On the other hand, having an in close stabby stabby for that last sliver is something I’ve died for… several times so far when the panic sets in :smiley:


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