Server boosts on individual timers (idk how to word it)

For those who can’t play a lot to really benefit from these timed server boosts - why not make It so the timer for the boost only count down when you are playing, that way no one is punished for not being able to play.

For example:

I have a day to utilize the XP boost but I only have an hour to spare to play and end up losing 23 hours of XP boost. Now I’m sad due to the fact I can’t benefit like everyone else.

Example 2:

I noticed that the XP boost lasts 24 hours but I also know that it only is active when I’m on and stores the rest of the boost on hold when i log off. I have no need to feel rushed to hop on. I also know that everybody is receiving the same amount of boost.


I greatly agree with this

This would definitely be a good addition. I think it should trigger by you logging on during the event though, just to avoid a bunch of event buffs stacking.

This wouldn’t be balanced at all, the idea of it is to get people to play when the boost is on

If the boost could be stored, then I could make a 24hr boost last 48 days by playing for 30min a day and get a much greater boost from it by playing casually due to dailies and weeklies getting effected by the boost every time I log in rather than the 24 hours they want it for

I do hope they do the boosts for like 48-72 hours in the future though making it more accessible to those that can’t get online every day


Highly agree with this, just need longer boost like a whole weekend type thing.

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Still come to the same problem of people who can’t play. Sure, most people have weekends off - I don’t sadly x3.

BTW, you make a good case Void - well said.

The goal of such a boost is motivating players who can play but would have otherwise felt like ‘na’ make them trigger to play in that time frame. Making it a boost relative to the person playing itself completely removes this goal to trigger people to play more.


That makes sense, it’s a way to control player activity at certain times. It’s frustrating to miss out on these things. But that’s the point of Fear of missing out x3.

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