Server Patch Going Out


A server-side patch is going out in about 10 minutes. We’ve done some significant work on the “lag spike” issue and I think we have at least a good chunk of it solved now, but we’ll be keeping an eye on things throughout the evening. There will about about 5 minutes of downtime for us to roll out the patch. Thanks!

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Okay well that helped but the problem is not fully solved yet. But we are getting a lot of good data to work with. Might have another small patch later today if possible to help even more, we’ll see.

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Okay, so actually this seems worse, we are going to roll it back, stand by.


Okay, things should be stable now, we’ll keep working on this.

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Okay so we are in the process of soft-deploying some new code on this. It will take effect for any new instances such as dungeons from here on out. In our tests it is resulting in a 50% reduction in the “length” of the pauses that were happening before. They should be basically unnoticeable in dungeons now for the most part, and in highly populated overworld zones (like right outside Highsteppe) it should be much less severe.

I didn’t want to do a full code push and interrupt all the dungeon running going on tonight, so I am just resetting the area outside Highsteppe and Highsteppe city. We also bumped the max players per shared back up higher.

We’re going to keep working on this throughout the next few days but we are making good progress.


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