Server Restart 04/08 - Uncapping Explore The Realm Points

Hey everyone, in around 30 minutes we will be restarting the server to remove the cap on points you can acquire through the Explore The Realm event. (Note: It will still show a cap in your journal but you can go past it.)

Now you can continue to accrue personal points to unlock your rewards by turning in materials and killing monsters, as well as work on unlocking the new island zone much quicker! We’re excited to see the whole server work together even more and get this tremendous achievement. As we mentioned in the past blog article, we plan on releasing the island a week following its unlock (on a Tuesday).
Good luck!

Be aware that this week, Cloth Scraps are worth 25 points and are available next week for more points. This was unintended, but we recommend to wait until next week if you have a stockpile of them to turn in.


Are the new overlevel perks coming with this or?

No, this is only a restart to unlock the caps on the points, the perks will be coming in a future update.


Server should be up now.

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All 3 bombs have been activated today as a reward for the progress you all have made so far as a community. Good luck and have fun earning even more points!


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