Server-side Bugfixes - 5/5

Hi, at noon CST we’re pushing out two fixes to the server:

  • Potential fix for giving out flag completions for NPC pathing quests with groups of people.

This is a potential fix for the “Patrol the fields 2” issue for the people that have been able to trigger the escort quest to start, but were unable to turn it in afterwards. Try it out and let us know if it works for you now. You will need to do the escort again to hopefully get proper credit.

  • Fix for giving loot out in bounty chests / dupe kills. This should fix the issue where dupes sometimes became “invincible” when killed and did not drop loot.

No client patch required, we’ll be resetting the mini DLC zones for these fixes to take effect.

We’re also still working on client patches for the other known issues. For the other Patrol The Fields 2 issue where the NPC at the bottom of the ramp doesn’t appear, we’ll be doing another potential fix but that will require a client build so we’re adding some fixes to that.


Should be live in the mini DLC zones now. Thanks!


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