Server Update 11/12

Hi everyone we’ll be restarting the server shortly to apply a small update to it.

This is mainly backend stuff for us, but we’re also adding new Public API endpoints for auction house and player stalls to help in making community based tools.

Thanks for your patience!


Where can we find the api for the auction house. What do I type in.

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It would be nice to find out who owns which stall.

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With this update we’re adding the API but we’re going to be doing some stress testing to make sure everything works as it should on the live servers - once we’re sure of that, we’ll release the information to everybody.


How goes stress testing? Me and my bot are chomping at the bit for these new APIs.

I’ll speak with the team this week and see what the status looks to be.

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Work with the Marketstalls is going well so far. I will be starting on Auctions soon.

If anyone is interested in helping out, specifically with some data-entry and discord bot dev, feel free to send me a message on discord via the support button on the website.


I don’t know how hard it would be but I have heard comments from newer users that the stall proprietor should be the same as the owners player avatar. I would think this is a big job though.

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We’re going to do a bit more beta testing on it this week, and we have a quick update to it coming later this week.

We should be able to post all the information for everybody early next week, possibly Monday.

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A rec-room like recording of yourself would be kinda awesome lol. “WELCOME, WELCOME TO MY POTION EMPORIUM! I have all the wares… if you have the coin…”

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I have not seen that site in years. So nostalgic


Following up for an update. Really looking forward to this api.