Sewer dungeon bug


This has probably bin reported, but did not see it in the patch notes

blue pool placement not in bucket shadows: needs to be adjusted, to give a proper indicator where the pools will form, especially for pug groups.

Last boss has a anty kiting mechanic like other bosses so it speeds up, which is a bit strange as the the boss has to be kited around, and tank can’t pull agro. (Litterly can’t, horn and provoke whatever has no effect)

Anty kiting speed will not reset on a wipe


some of the shadows being aligned was just coincidence and they are not visible on low graphic settings. A better solution would be to have a drain grate where the blue liquid falls down, this was also suggested multiple times during the betas ever since the sewer dungeon was added.

the speeding up is supposed to be additional challenge from shard levels, the higher the shard the faster he speeds up, but this gives warrior tanks a major advantage in this fight since they can hamsting to put an extra slow on it while paladins can’t.


I’m quite sure that’s just the anty kite mechanic kicking in… It’s not a bug it’s a feature? :wink:
If you let him hit you he slowes down a bit

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oh yeah, never though about that after we heard about there being an anti kite thing. always thought his behavior seemed a bit strange.


As a feature it would be kind of pointless as the only one that can take a hit is the tank, and you have no say in if he aggroes on the tank or not

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I kind of want to know now. Let’s ask the gods
@Riley_D is this a intended mechanic or not?


Let me double-check but as far as I know we added a specific exception tot urn off the anti-kiting behaviour on that boss.

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A different bug, but the same dungeon: if you wipe on the slime boss for this dungeon, the boss sometimes doesn’t reset properly. When you attack him, he will continuously reset (health bar appears when he takes the damage, then it disappears along with any debuffs applied. When attacked again, the health bar has reset back to full and all debuffs are gone. Rinse and repeat). Sometimes it takes a couple hits to get him past this, but last night it took a solid 45-60 seconds of attacking him before he aggroed correctly. I’ve had this happen multiple times over the last couple weeks, but I don’t think it necessarily happens every time.


We run into it pretty frequently as well, have your tank run into melee range and swing his weapon around, usually doesn’t take more than a few hits for him to aggro on the tank.


This time it was worse than usual. All five of us were hitting it with everything. I even switched off healer to DPS to apply poison to see if that would help and it didn’t. We were just giving up on the dungeon when the boss finally decided we were worth bothering with.


We will check into this, just want to confirm the only time you see this behavior with the Slime boss is when you re-engage after a complete party wipe? or will some players run away while others die and run back? also I’m assuming but want to confirm that it happens no matter where the boss is standing, so it’s not only a specific area.


this happens on multiple bosses, I think it can actually happen on all of them and yes, only after a complete wipe afaik. come to think of it the behavior is very similar to when mob packs in broken halls are stuck.


Whenever we wipe, all players end up dead so we’ve never had the situation where some players leash him to reset the sewer boss. However, as Asmund said, we have seen this behavior on mob packs that we frequently run part and leash to reset (in our case, specifically the colossus pack just before the lich king room, yesterday). They’ll stand there, enter combat when hit, and then reset in a second.

We have not kept track of whether or not it happens when we all die in a specific area - the boss does reset properly and return to his original position after the wipe though, so at least that is consistent.


You sure? Crypt boss rotation and empowered effects usually don’t reset on a wipe


Burn - if your response was to me - I haven’t kept track of the attack rotation post-reset on lich king. Now that you mention it though, that might explain why the empower seems to happen almost randomly after the first fight.

Side note - the cyclops in broken halls is still getting bugged where he just stands there and doesn’t take damage after a wipe.

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I haven’t seen the lich king not properly reset since the 2 week beta.