Sewers Sitting Duck

I am a Scoundrel. Twice in the last week I have had an issue in a Sewers sharded dungeon where during both bosses, my ability to move in battle has become severely hampered. Both were Hotfoot.

I have my left controller joystick set for slide in all directions and typically once in battle use that joystick to keep moving. Side to side for flyers and casters and in and out for all others when in hotfoot.

The symptoms are that once in battle, my left joystick stops working normally and only allows me to move forward in tiny steps. If I try to move backward it teleports me forward. Side to side is not functional. Teleporting is super iffy in that i can teleport once then not at all.

I’m using a level 2 stamina bracer as well.

This behavior continues after the boss is down and I was able to get normal operations back after first boss by logging out and back in only to have it happen on the second boss all over again.

Has anyone else had this happen in Sewers?


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I am not sure I understand it fully. But maybe cause you are having combat sprint enabled and are accidentally triggering it, it it causing all there behaviors whwre you rpboably loose all your stamina to move.

I’m not sure what combat sprint is. How is it activated?

Holding grip while moving. Check your locomotion settings

I move and shoot with my left hand. I hold my gun using the palm trigger. Will that still active combat sprint?

I shouldn’t have to hold the gun with the trigger. I will look into it and get back. I will disable it if it is not already done and see if it helps. It is literally this dungeon where it happens. I haven’t noticed it anywhere else.

I think you are all correct. In thinking about it, in non-hotfoot instances, I use teleport to avoid orb attacks. I only use slide in hotfoot to keep moving.

My guess is that if I use teleport and slide in combat, it will take my stamina to zero and leave me stranded.

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was it fatigued? it would not explain the moving the wrong way but it drastically slows movement abilities

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I think that what happened is, with Combat Sprint enabled, I unknowingly sprited and depleted my stamina. With the shard being Hot Foot, I was never able to regain my stamina.

I turned Combat Sprint off but have not been able to test to see if that was the problem.