Shaman and citadel don't mix

I know, the poor shaman is brought up once again. Most hated class of high skilled players and beloved of those who haven’t mastered magery.

While considered a “low skill” class, the amount of DPS we do is good. Plus it takes a bit more skill than people realize to run it on trash mobs in dungeons and be any help at all before mages and scoundrels burn them down. On higher level shards doing speed runs, they can be an extreme asset.

However, there is one area the developers have made it impossible to play shaman at…citadel. Due to the short range of being able to throw orbs, without having the arm of a professional baseball player, it is near impossible to do citadel bosses as mechanics make it near impossible to be as close as shaman normally need to be. All other dungeons, there are workarounds to using shaman for boss fights. Except citadel. No matter which way I play it, the distance between shaman and boss, other than Napur, make it impossible to do.

there could be several solutions for it. Maybe taking away one of the talents and replacing it with a “further” talent that allows increased distance for the orbs to go. It would still take skill of trying to angle the shot so it goes high enough to get the distance and land where you want it. Or even simpler but more disagreeable with all other classes (other than shamans) would be to just increase the distance we can normally “flick” it depending on angle.

Either way, ideally something needs to be done so any class has the ability to participate in citadel. As the only class that i know of that mechanics prevent it from being able to be used, it would be greatly appreciated for some change to be made.

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Shamans can def do all bosses (1-4) in Citadel and they are good at all of them, the big thing when having shamans is having a group thats willing to work with shamans.

Boss 1 you mentioned is OK and I’ve seen a shaman hit top DPS over a lot of other good players due to their burst damage while doing mechanics.

Boss 2 the mechanics suck but it sucks for a ton of reasons and I would rather the devs fix boss 2 #fixboss2 than do anything with the shaman class.

Boss 3 shamans are actually good in terms of helping to burn both adds same time. The group just needs to be ok standing closer to the boss. This is more difficult if you have shamans + rangers, but it is doable if the group is willing to work with it.

Boss 4, shamans are dope for burning the adds and even chickening them for green phase if needed.

As with any raid, having a balance of classes is ideal. Having too much of any 1 class can be a pain. I’ve had at least 2 shamans on all bosses multiple times.

In conclusion, please #fixboss2


@blueduckyy is correct, the only real non-shaman friendly boss in the whole game is boss 2 of the citadel.

Every other one (including dubbergloven and sewer slime) can be done by shamans, and is done by our shamans.

It sounds like some of this might be a technique issue, are you throwing the balls manually (like a baseball)? Or are you taking advantage of the click and release function of the orbs to aim your shots?

Sewer slime is not shaman friendly either.

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You go ahead and tell Akeno that. I double dare you @NotScott. :stuck_out_tongue:

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True until proven otherwise :upside_down_face:

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Well actually after further examining the lore it is pretty safe to come to the conclusion that we could in fact be a god a chaos now with gods of chaos living for pretty much ever and seeing that we are only 20 something years old you would be an infant meaning Scott = child

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I have no problem doing slime boss as a shaman :slight_smile:

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@blueduckyy well, then I’ve been unfortunate. I have yet met a citadel group knowing there is a shaman in the party willing to stand closer. I’ve had to turn down multiple raid events as a result. I’m trying to learn pally so I can just tank and get through citadel that way, I’m still in the learning phase.

@Pherosis I do click and release method. But the few times I tried throwing it like a baseball so I could be where they wanted me to be for boss fights, I ended up being in a lot of pain for a few days after.

It sounds like you are playing with newer raiders. Every end-game group that I know of who has beaten HM Cit Boss 4 (and a bunch that are still working on it as we speak), are willing to accommodate their entire party to maximize for success.

Tanking is a great choice as an alternate shaman class (when you do not feel like being a DPS); was happy to discover back when picking up shaman (for when I need a tank break) that shaman positioning is very similar to tank positioning.

That sucks. The direct throwing can be fun for Shaman Dodge Ball, but not great for your overall DPS (or body).

Glad you normally use the click-release.

I am not sure if you are close enough for this to work (there is a range cap), however, if you guide the trajectory of the orb with your hand positioning. You can hit precisely from a much greater distance, than just straight on click-release.


You mean tilting your palm up a little to get a bigger arc on the orbs?

One thing you can do is sort of treat all the bosses like boss 1. Stand where you need to stand and jump to the group on suns/ chains/ circles/ etc. You’ll have to work a bit more but your burst damage should make up for it.

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lol, well it’s the HM citadel groups that come up and ask me to join. Then I mainly hear, oh you’re a shaman. Do you have a differnt DPS class, no? ok well sorry we’re gonna try and find someone else.

I have great distance, because I know about trajectory. But even then no matter how I tilt it I can’t get it far enough to hit the bosses from where they want to stand. or if I move closer, I hear complaints. So kinda gave up on citadel until I get to the point I can tank it. I still believe that they could switch the reach talent to increase the range we can send orbs would be better than current reach talent of how far from the totems we can be to be able to summon the orbs to us. Then depending on what we are doing both talents could be useful.

@Gutsash yeah, thats what he means. You can actually get better range that way, but it will never match that of the other dps classes. So the shorter range is one of the many liabilities of a shaman.

What is your in-game name?

I think one of the problems is that often the part that makes some bosses not shaman friendly is how we choose to fight them. We could totally use different strategies that have us stand closer but we just choose not to.

In a way one could argue that overcoming the fact that shaman is the only close ranged dps class and finding ways of creatively applying yourself is part of their late game complexity and unique struggle.

You only have to stand with the group on napur during shard drop and you only have to stand with the group on geruvi during sun so with good timing of mechanics and efficient movement I think you could be preaty effective. Additionally shamans are great add controllers.

If I were to change anything about shaman it would be to give them even stronger aoe without changing anything about their range or mobility or single target dps to make them feel more confident in their role as wave clear. Shamans don’t need to be able to do everything all the other classes do because then they would lose their identity. In fact I think all classes should excell in specific roles and conditions to stop people from being able to directly compare them and say X class is better than Y class.

I think this difficulty that you are experiencing is more of a challenge to be overcome than a problem to be fixed.

Also #fixboss2 because that is definitely a problem to be fixed not a challenge to be overcome. I can’t just power of friendship my way out of being randomly instantly deleted. That boss sucks as every class not just shaman.


Shaman till I die. I love playing Iron man vs. Standing man

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You still doubting me lol. I can show you a recording of me soloing the slim boss as my shaman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Post the video please!!! :heart: