Shaman and shard dungeons

I was disappointed today to have lost a shard 4 Loot because my fingers happen to be where the box appeared and it declined. Which is not what I wanted to do. Because I am playing as the shaman, sitting down, my hands were right there when it appeared. Then the group was leaving and they couldn’t hear me (no matter how many times, I restarted oculus and Orbus so I couldn’t even ask them for help or see if we could do another shard so I can recover some losses)

Is there a way to move the box elsewhere, or add a confirmation when declining so that It can’t happen by accident? (in fact, I would also suggest the same for accepting, since the reverse might be also true)

I did 4 shard dungeons today, with 0 loot out the door. That doesn’t feel very rewarding at all for all that hard work!

In the old orbus, I would get a loot at the end of the dungeon, plus the loot when I accepted the box.


You wouldn’t always get loot, it was about a 10% chance of a luck drop which it still is.

I do agree that there should be a confirm prompt tho.

Maybe I got really lucky. I ended up with 3 legendary’s in 24 hours one time. So in contrast… :slight_smile:

At some point I could look in to having buttons on a popup be disabled for the first second or two to avoid any accidental clicking.


Make that first 4 seconds. ppl sometimes walk towards the boss after the last kill walking into the role already up for a while. actually won’t fix the problem completely because you have also the accidental hits when trying to avoid it for 10+ seconds… so a second pop-up should be better. but having a few second cooldown is a step in the right direction.


Thank you Kyle!!