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lately i have been getting a lot of orbs stuck on my hand and also totems that are being dropped are not spawning in. During raids shaman is almost unplayable, if you could take a look at this many of us would be grateful.

As a side note when the lava totem lands upsidedown it despawns and returns to the Belt which is crippling to shaman dps. If there is a possibility for it to be deployed regardless of how it lands that would be awesome and a big qol improvement for shaman.

Lastly when out of combat the lava totem takes extraordinarily long to respawn compared to every other totem, this is our most important totem and without it we still have to wait to start combat effectively, if there’s a possibility for all totems to respawn together out of combat or in combat this would be a massive help and a lot easier for those of us who play the class.

Thank you for your time and consideration have a great week and thank you all for your hard work.


I gotta strongly second this, Shaman is one of the DPS classes that I most use. Everything mentioned is so true, and they’re about small changes that would bring the class to a more usable status.

Not even to mention our natural limitations. Shaman is the only DPS class that can’t attack from far away enough, relying on the totems that take a long time to place (okay, let’s say we can only start attacking way after everyone else), along with cloth armor, making it the most vulnerable class of all existing 8.

Some players say that Shaman is weak cause it is easy to use. ARE YOU SURE, BUDDY? Gosh, I hate when I hear that.
Thank you @JutsuFoxx for bringing that to the community


This may be true but in reality shaman is the weakest dps class but that’s not because it’s easy to use. It is cause it’s dps potential is much lower than the other dps classes


And this is a major problem because shamans are getting excluded due to the simple fact that they are shamans. With no buff in sight i believe these qol changes are a step in the right direction.

Edit: Shaman is not an easy class to master, it may be easy to pick up but is near impossible master without a lot of dedication and understanding of the class and its min/max potential.


That reason sounds fairer than “stop playing a beginner’s class”.
Also, Shaman is blessed with the most loved Super in the game: Rupert.


On the topic of rupert, please @Jake_E make Rupert a non entity so it doesn’t count as a player, having Rupert interfere with mechanics or die to them is awful and sometimes detrimental to group gameplay.


Ascend him to the immortal plane where he belongs amidst ye Old Ones. (Where do you think Angel Rupert comes from?)


Oddly enough if any of the totems land upside down they will not spawn. I think that’s something with the Unity physics there I can try messing around with that.

It looks like all passive totems are set to 12 seconds cooldown (except for shield). I can look at resetting the cooldown when you go out of combat. I believe on initialization it takes 5 seconds for all totems to spawn but having to switch classes is obviously not ideal.

What are some examples Rupert is interfering?


For rupert circles spawn on him first boss hm citadel, he can get the bomb on third boss, on fourth boss he counts as a player and can prevent red phase from opening, he can die to all mechanics like poison or any other dot.

On second boss he can get chains( which im sure a lot of shaman like but i personally dont)

Also on first boss he can interfere with lighting the Crystal.

On sewer he can die to poison on the rat leaving out other dot bosses out for redundancy sake.

Edit: I’m pretty positive he can also drop a Crystal on first boss hm citadel which would almost immediately enrage the boss.

I have to do some testing but i will provide videos in a dm to you when i can for other mechanics and bosses and the ones mentioned above if it’s necessary.


I have seen him drop a crystal on Napur and enrage him. You have to be really careful when you call Rupert because, as much as I love him, he can be a menace. He also doesn’t stand in the line on gorgon in Broken Halls and can cause havoc with the tracker orbs.

I once saw HM Boss 4 wack him with his giant pen and instakill him (he crumples over to the side when he dies - heartbreaking). It lives in my memory now forever.


He shouldn’t be able to enrage B1, because B1 enrages near a lit large crystal not a regular large crystal. However, I’m 90% sure Rupert will almost guarentee you to not light the shard, as the game believes you have 11 players in the party, and will require 6 players light the shard (11/2 rounded up). If a fill doesn’t go in while Rupert is spawned, this leads to the shard not lighting and players not really knowing why.

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Just paste the code upside down. Trust.


Or you can paste it right-side up if you flip your desktop screen’s display orientation. I’m sure Unity will enjoy being thrashed about.

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I’m pretty sure he does shenanigans in broken halls.

On 1st boss he can get a purple orb but it goes a little haywire. On 2nd boss he can make bouncing tracker do weird things and kill the party


All these mechanics confirm Ruperts lore of being a person :slight_smile:


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