Shaman Suggestions


I started playing Shaman yesterday, and just have a few suggestions from what I noticed this weekend. Totems at the waist line, sometimes make it difficult to pick up loot or even grab the orbs to throw…so can it be looked into to maybe have them disappear from the belt area when they are on the ground? So less clutter and more likely to not pick them up while they are already out and producing orbs? Mobility during high movement fights may be an issue too.

Otherwise, I have been really enjoying the class and having fun in the game in general. You are doing an awesome job with the redesign of the game, keep up the great work!


Other shaman suggestions:

Our “weapon representation.” What if it’s like a beaded charm bracelet (“beads” of various shapes, colors, sizes) with a sizable mask charm? Beaded necklace with mask shaped amulet but around the hand / wrist / arm might be a better visualization. It’s orientation could have the charm coming “up” the arm, or maybe outward a bit, so as to not interfere with view of hand / view of grabbing orbs?

Cash shop option to replace ghost wolf with ghost felid, ghost bear, ghost bird of prey, ghost komodo dragon… options for spirit animals would be neat!


Other shaman suggestion:

Let me use trigger to grab the orbs or totems. The vive grib button can be a pain to use constantly.


The shaman needs some kind of visual representation. The mask exactly like the scavenger npc would be perfect.

Also removing totems from your belt when they’re already placed would be a hinderance for the level 30 talent but out of combat they should go when your ‘weapon’ isnt out. Currently it toggles the tools in and out but i think it should swap between totems out or tools out


100% agree with you, let us use trigger to grab orbs and totems!! “grip” button is horrible to use in combat, grip is for sprint in combat :confused:


Now with the ability to turn this off!


i like sprint in combat! but i don’t like grab orbs/totem and sprint are the same button^^