Shard 1 solo speedruns!

The last few days I’ve been messing around with soloing low level shard dungeon. So far I’ve done Sewer and Crypt level 1 both in less than 15 min.

I challenge the rest of he community to beat my times and also do other low level shards solo, for it to count you have to record it and upload a video as there is no other way to prove that you did it solo.

Current records:
Crypt: Potâto, 15 min and 46 sec left
Sewer: Scott, 17 min and 12 sec left
Airship: Scott, 14 min and 29 sec left
Broken Halls: Scott, 16 min and 57 sec
Abandoned Mines: N/A
Ancient Temple: N/A


I can solo the mutated Rat with my Pally yeyyyy … well, on normal. And it took for, like, forever??? It was so boring I fell asleep. 15minutes? Likely MORE! But I know quite some who’d be up for that challenge. So gl guys I cheer you ON :smiley:

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Challenge accepted! :smirk_cat:


Okay well I beated the sewer time (16:19) but at what cost? A crappy depressing ground looking video :joy: I will def do this again in the future with less f up and a better video :grimacing:


beat ya, screwed up on sewer slime too, need to go faster

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:popcorn: Who will give up 1st


This is a better video xD. Still needs improvement though :roll_eyes: gl :sweat_smile: (17:12 remaining)

Ooh ya time on clock glitched. So armory and vid have to do:


Gj guys :slight_smile:

Just a noob question… isnt fighter a faster choice for the first sewer boss?


What is a ‘fighter’? Warrior? No you have to heal yourself too much to do enough dps.

Lets add some more spice to the list. Airship challenge initiated :smirk_cat: (14:29 remaining):


Yes i meant warrior.
Heal yourself too much? Do you happen to know if anyone ever took the time to compare Boss times with provoke/cleave spam against Paladin (or at least can provide a combat log from that fight)?

Im really curious about the difference.
(sadly i find Paladins quite boring so Ive never finished lvl 30 with him).

Yes I compared it to some fights already to see if pally or warrior is more worth it. First sewer boss pally is more worth it in my initial tests. If I would min max the crap out of pally and warrior dps I don’t know the answer which one will be better on a lvl 1 shard, but it will be still close if warrior would win. I might go warrior in the future there, we will see xD. On a higher shard though it will always be pally because of the increased damage intake. Did like around 35k once which will be unbeatable for a warrior main atm (def after they replaced the dps warrior 30 talent a long time ago. :sob: )

(Provoke+Wound btw. Not provoke+cleave.)


Thanks a lot Scott!

35K!?? Hidden gun inside of your hammer? :smiley:

btw ah yea sorry not cleave… Wound :slight_smile:

Welp all easy dungeons have been covered. Lets see if the remaining are even possible. xD


After ALOOOT of practice on the first boss I finally did it! Solo mines shard in an incredible time without pre-clearing woooooooo!!!
(17 minutes and 48 seconds remaining)

One more to go… Mistkeeper my good friend! :smirk_cat: :grimacing:


My god, watching you do Dovre was a treat


Mistkeeper down :stuck_out_tongue:. All dungeons have been defeated wooo :partying_face:
(11 minutes 56 seconds remaining)


Wow, now that is some amazing kiting. I really don’t want to try it, looks painfull just watching :sweat_smile:


ikr , that was Awesome .

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I didn’t do crypt before. So I thought I would do that one with a twist to it on dungeon troll :slight_smile:

(Idk what happened to the audio…)