Shard dungeon problem

First sorry my english.

When I entry with a radom team in a dungeon, and I want use a shard, I always have several problems, people leave or insult me or like today loose time and I loose the shard.

I will like someone explain me what is the problem using shard, for undestand they, because I don’t see any problem if we are all lv 30.

I will like undestand it for use or not the shards with the people.

Thank you.

dungeon queue is for any level players, shard dungeons are end game content and you should have a party of level 30 players. Even if all the players in the random dungeon are level 30, they queued up to do a normal scaled dungeon, they don’t queue up to do shards, shard groups are formed outside the dungeon queue.


I was in that dungeon when you put that shard in, I was trying to level stuff and so was the others. you used a lv 3 shard when the dps was lv 18, what we tried to explain was it is both rude and wrong to force people who didn’t want to shard in to one when the are in a dungeon queue. we tried to explain you should use things like the in game lfg or discord servers to find shard groups. You may not see a problem with it but some people just don’t want to do shards in dungeon queue especially when there not on an lv 30.


Basically, it boils down to one thing: Ask first. If everyone is fine with it, use a shard. If anyone doesn’t want to use a shard or is less than lvl 30, don’t use it.

Ok I undestand more or less and I am very sorry if there was a lv 18.
But I dont’t undestand people’s attitude insulting and loosing time on propose for make me loose the shard.

That is very simple:
You force them to do something they didn’t want to do. So they get you back by doing something you don’t like.

Eye for an eye.